For decades, addiction meant the irresistible cravings for alcoholism or drugs. Only recently has addiction encompassed activities to cover gambling, working, eating and Facebook. There is a considerable debate to learn more what substances and actions are truly addictive. Can a person become hooked after a single use of an addictive substance? Is gambling considered an addiction or a sickness? It is feasible for an individual to overdose on a single application of an addictive substance; however; it is improbable for that person to become addicted.

Controlling pleasurable urges that contribute to addiction can be the toughest aspect anyone will encounter in life. The addictive behaviour evolves over time and is often unrecognisable until it is too late. Addiction is ruthless. When a person undertakes in practice they cannot break, it takes an enormous power to conquer those appetites. When a human being struggles to break clear of addiction, many experts debate the topic. Is it better to engage in complete abstinence or gradually doing less and less of the substance? The answer lies somewhere in between. The addicted person, their doctor, and the family must all help.

There are countless reasons why people need to give up their addictive lives. If you have an addictive personality, here are some ideas to conquer the craving, before the obsession takes over your life.

  • Understanding why you are addicted: You should first identify the triggers that cause you to pick up the appetite in the first place. 1) Procrastination keeps everyone from achieving what he or she set out to do. Change the addictive narrative that is taking away your productivity. 2) Loneliness or indecision: Do you require someone else's approval? 3) Dopamine: Every time you feel the need to gamble or shoot-up, a chemical in your brain Dopamine is produced. The compound seeks pleasure in addictive behaviour.
  • It is an illusion to conclude, a person must hit rock bottom to overcome addiction. Many think quitting what they love to do is just too rough. If this is the case, we are our own worst enemy. Addictive personalities do not rely on life in restraint. The addiction is what drives the person day to day. Without the drug or behaviour, life is not worth living. The longer we consider this notion, the further down into darkness a person travels. After losing everything in life, people usually discover there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Addiction is individual liberation. Right? No. If waking up one day in a gutter or coming out of surgery with half your jaw cut away because of drugs or cigarettes. That individual needs to wake up. The tobacco companies have embedded the concept that smoking is an individual right. Chemical addicts are hooked early in life, not later.
  • Escaping reality. For many addicted people drugs, gambling or whatever the behaviour, is a means to avoid our existence. Many people detest their lives and turn to outside substances or activities to take the place of their reality. The dilemma, humans, are not confronting their lives. Instead, they prefer to bury themselves in a computer screen or have another shot. One day addicts must rise up for themselves and be counted as part of the human race. Continually shying away from reality means disappearing into a gloomy tunnel.
Everyone must create positive choices in life, staying away or facing addiction must be one of those positive resolutions.