IT support is a very crucial element in business. This is because they are the professionals that work tirelessly to ensure that all the systems are functioning smoothly. Without an IT team, it would be difficult for a business to control access to its data. Besides that, there would be a technical break down when various departments need to share information. However, nowadays most companies and small businesses are opting to outsource IT support to external teams instead of assigning such a mandate to in-house staff. This is because these outsourced teams have proved to be more reliable in terms of readiness to respond to technical issues. However, there are still some businesses that have not yet embraced external IT support. But they can’t be blamed. Research actually shows that some employees and employers regard such services as a threat to their career. Continue reading below to understand why it’s better to hire an external IT support crew for your enterprise.

1. Swift Response

This is actually a no brainer. Hired IT support usually responds faster when a technical problem has been reported within a business facility. This is because they are always in standby mode. In fact, they are usually available at any time of the day regardless of whether it’s over the weekend or late at night. Since they are not understaffed, they are able to work in shifts to ensure that a situation is not allowed to persist for long. And since they are always monitoring the systems locally and remotely, they are usually the first people to know when something is not right. Internal teams, on the other hand, are not reliable. For a start, they are only available during normal working hours. This means that they can’t resolve an IT issue in case it happens during a weekend unless they know they will be paid for working extra time. In fact, they only check the systems and infrastructure when a problem has been reported by the users.

2. Experience and Advanced Skills

Outsourced IT teams are usually more experienced than local teams. This is because they have been offering IT services for many years. They, therefore, know exactly what needs to be done when a technical fault has been reported. Moreover, they have a passion for IT, meaning they don’t need to be supervised because they know what’s expected from them. In addition to that, they continue to advance their skills to cope with the dynamic trends of IT. In-house teams rarely upgrade their skills. They, therefore, continue to apply outdated remedies that no longer work. In fact, they don’t take it upon themselves to go back to college unless the employer tells them to do so and offers to fund for their studies.

3. Reduced Operational Costs and Improved Performance

When you hire a reliable team such as Bristol IT team, you will definitely reduce your cost of doing business by more than half. This is because such an outsourced team is only paid for the services that they have offered, which is contrary to working with internal teams that have to be paid regardless of whether they have attended to any IT matters or not. And that’s not all. Internal teams are entitled to an annual paid leave and health insurance among other benefits that are catered for by the employer. When you hire an external crew, you get relieved from catering for the welfare of your employees. The other advantage is that you don’t pay for their further studies or buy the tools that they need to get the job done. Research actually shows that employers find themselves on the losing edge after training internal IT teams only for them to pursue greener pastures later because they have a competitive edge in the job market. An outsourced IT team sticks with you for the long term.