Did you know that spring cleaning and makeover is your chance to make your home sparkle? This is the perfect time to step out of your house and ensure everything is on point. Spring makeover goes beyond the simple everyday cleaning.

According to Elle D├ęcor, spring sprucing, and makeovers go beyond eliminating hidden dust, dirt, and debris accumulated over winter. It is also about organizing everything in your home and ensuring your landscaping is appealing. Kick off your spring in style with these simple 11 makeover tips to sparkle your home.

Clean the Windows

This is the time of the year to let in more sunshine. Take time to clean your windows to get rid of accumulated dust over winter. Make sure you clean the inside and outside to give it that perfect appearance. For a simple homemade glass cleaner, mix distilled white vinegar and water. Pour the mixture into a reusable bottle and channel the inner Hazel.

Install Window Treatments

This is often overlooked, but it is essential to any home. There is no better time to re-look at your windows and bring in new treatments than during spring. Apart from blocking out the excess sunlight, window treatments also create a unique surface that allows your eyes to travel from wall to wall without interruption. Simple Roman shades can provide an incredible look for a tailored room.

Reorganize Your Closets

Almost everyone hates the idea of reorganizing their closet since it is a difficult task. However, this is an essential makeover tip for spring. Focus on one cabinet at a time and ensure you do your best. Declutter, clean, and organize as you go. Trust me; your Monday mornings will no longer be gloomy with a well-organized closet.

Pay Close Attention to Your Lighting: Make sure you inspect all the lighting in your home and fix all lights that are no longer functional. You can also tweak your light fixtures to make your home sparkle. For instance, you can keep the bulb wattage low so no lights overwhelm a room. You can also install dimmers to allow for flexibility in your interior spaces. Just take your lamps to your trusted electrician and this feature will be introduced.
Reorganize Your Closets
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Rearrange and Refresh

Sometimes, sprucing up your home is as simple as rearranging what you already have. Rethink your living area arrangement and determine if you can make it any better. You can rearrange your furniture or wall paintings to give your interior spaces a new look. Decorate subtly around a unique theme, bring in accent pieces from your other rooms, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various styles.


Painting your interior and exterior spaces is another simple spring makeover tip that will make your home sparkle. Never leave your walls painted in standard white since it affects your curb appeal negatively. Choose your custom colors that compliment your overall style. Experiment with various color shades, and don't be afraid to go bold.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

This is the right time to plant new plants and care for existing ones. Get rid of all the weeds from your lawn and apply fertilizer. Trim overgrown shrub branches and make sure that your flowerbeds are sparkling. You should also water your grass to make it greener. Forbes reports that taking care of lawns can go a long way toward improving your home’s curb appeal.
Take Care of Your Landscaping
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Double Up Your Door Mats

You will only trap the most dirt using two doormats, one outside the door and the other inside. If you have been using a single doormat, get another one as soon as possible. However, the doormats will only be effective in trapping dirt if they are clean. Hose off and air-dry your doormats frequently. You should also vacuum your inside mats on both sides to allow all trapped dirt to get on the floor so that you can pick it up.

Create a Feature Wall

You can also create a dramatic feature by painting in a fresh and unique color or consider applying a well-patterned wallpaper that blends with your existing color palette. For instance, if your living space is predominantly grey, why not paint a wall section red? Or try fitting self-adhesive, reusable wallpaper.

Revive Your Mattress

Spring cleaning also presents the perfect time to look at that thing under your sheets. Press it firmly with your vacuum's upholstery and crevice tools to thoroughly clean the sides. Go ahead and spot-clean any noticeable stains with mild subs or upholstery cleaner. After washing, let it dry and sanitize it with a powerful disinfectant.

Fresh Frames

You can also revitalize your existing gallery by painting your wooden frames with different springtime shades such as cerulean, sunny yellow, and pink. Add silk flowers to your wall art if you wish to add some floral flair.


Refreshing your home during spring and making it sparkle doesn’t require much effort. A fresh coat of paint, a well-maintained yard, and a decluttered closet can all rejuvenate your interior and exterior spaces. Also, make sure not to spend too much money on trivial things, and seriously consider a reliable home security system! We hope that these simple spring makeover tips will help you transform your property and make it sparkle.