Lately, lifestyle has contributed to numerous health challenges. What is different now you may ask, that was not there in the past. Definitely, lifestyle is one of them.

Let us take a look at the back pains for instance. Especially lower back pain and their main causes as well as dig in more on how to prevent lower back pain. We may not generalise it to any gender as it affects all. For effective pain reducing results, always buy Premiere’s Pain Spray.

The strain of the back muscles, ligaments and tissues are the main problem areas. Lower back pains are mostly associated with the discs problems, posture amongst others.

Preventing lower back pain is both medicinal and physical. The physical segment is what we will look at intensely:


It is essential to maintain the standard body weight ranges as per ones BMI. Excessive weight causes strain on the back. Eating the right healthy foods helps with body weight maintenance. This prevents lower back pain.

Not only should you check body weights but also hand luggage. What you carry with your back and hands should be well distributed or supported. Avoid heavy loads that stress the body.


To prevent lower back pain, somebody flexing and practices is ideal. Regularly do some body movements that target the lower back as often as possible. Get a routine that is favourable to your day to day schedule like a walk, swim, run, ride a bike or even dance the blues away. Always target core workouts that strengthen the back muscles to prevent pain at the lower back.


We everyday sit down, walk, stand, bend and do all body manoeuvres. Always maintain a good pose. Sit with your back well supported and not for extended hours, walk around and stretch in between. Stand straight up in good poise. Lift items in a manner not to hurt the back. Don’t turn, twist and carry at the same time. Sit on flat surfaces. If with wallets in the back pocket always remember to remove them as they may cause discomfort and back pain, especially overstuffed wallets.

Reduce Stress levels:

Stress can also impact back health. When the muscles tense due to pressure the tension travels down the spine. Stress may lead to anxiety and depression which is not good. So to prevent lower back pain indulge in stress-free activities that you love like yoga, listening to music and meditation.

Good Mattress

A good mattress that supports your body well is ideal, especially the back. Good night sleep is essential for overall good health. The best-advised type of bed to have is the Latex or memory foam that has excellent cushioning. This prevents lower back pain from being chronic. 


Various vibrations machines are quite intense on the back. Moderating the waves on the back area is advisable to prevent back pain. Let the fluctuations on the spine area be as minimal as possible. If need be to avoid them.


Has all vices yet addictive poison. In this case, it narrows the blood vessels resulting in less oxygen reaching the spine. This makes the spine prone to back pain. Quit smoking for a healthier back. Prevention habits are advisable. 

Sideways sleeping

Sleeping on the side of the body is ideal than on the back, to reduce the stress on the end. You should also support the neck with a pillow and the knees too. This will prevents lower back pain. Expectant mothers experience more stress as they sleep. But sideways sleeping has proven to be perfect at all times. 

Sleep, Sleep, Rest, and Rest

This cannot be stressed more. It is essential to get enough daily sleep and rests in between as well. To prevent lower back pain get a routine of enough sleep. It eases stress, body strains, and promotes good mental growth which all is preventive measures to lower back pain. 7-9 hours of optimal sleep promotes wholeness and holistic body health and prevents lower back pains.


This mostly targets females. High heels are classy and chic, but they tend to shift ones core gravity. When the centre of the body weight is imbalanced, it leads to a strain of the lower pack. To prevent lower back pain always have low healed, one inch is advisable. Should you want, more inches still have small shoes to interchange and be comfortable. Not forgetting to tight clothes at the waist interferes with the sitting, bending and also walking. Loosen the tight waistbands.