Subway tiles aren't going anywhere. Considering their history, these tiles were initially used in the 1900s to construct New York City subway terminals. Most people thought it was just as a trend as many others that come and disappear, but its use has now even extended to homes. In 2024, the use of this tile is still widespread.

This article explains why this tile is still in extensive use in 2024.

It Provides a Backdrop to Display Decorative, Architectural Features

This tile provides various options to display all your different architectural features. If you have simple contemporary models in mind, the white tile will provide a wide range of beauty for your stainless steel appliances.

You can display the tile differently by having a vertical installation or any other non-traditional design. This creates an exciting visual attraction without interfering with the tile's excellent appearance and will create a classic appearance in your kitchen or bathroom. 

The tiles have simple designs that fit most décor

The simple design of this tile makes it a perfect match for most décor and architectural designs. With different colors and materials, they complement any décor and will never disappoint in any place, whether for homes or vacation properties. White and neutral tones are very suitable for building or renovating your vacation house. The styling possibility of the tiles is unlimited.

The tiles have unlimited Styles. 

White subway tiles can make a perfect design, but they can produce an excellent display combined with other tiles of different accents. You can add more accents to your plan to develop a 'new old theme,' or you can install metal accents in a subway that complement your appliances or bathroom fixtures.


This tile is cheap and readily available compared to other types, such as ceramic, marble, or Zelletile tiles. Their cost-friendly nature makes most people prefer using them more than any other type of tile. This factor and their exceptional quality have made people stick with the tile all along—even in 2024.


This tile comes in various variations, such as colors, materials, and patterns, to make selections from. Its wide variety of attractive colors helps to create a perfect choice that perfectly matches your décor. The tiles also come in different patterns, from bold to subtle and fun. The number of designs for these tiles can only be limited to individual imagination.

Just depends on your taste, and you will get it. durability

When considering durability, the subway is everlasting and matchless. The tiles are tough and resilient to wear and tear. They also last for many years, and their original looks are intact. The tiles are highly resistant to high heat and moisture levels, making them a perfect match for your kitchen.

The Takeaway.

The discussed reasons above are just a few reasons why subway tiles were still in 2024. Are there other reasons that make this tile still in 2024? Kindly let us know by leaving your comment here and let us know more.