Do you own two or three designers kurtis? You can probably count the different things that distinguish them. It could be the neckline, collar line, border work or even the type of sleeves in them. In ethnic wear, designer Kurtis has earned a lot of respect due to such distinguishing factors which make them unique.

They come in different sleeves which add to their charm. When we talk about the sleeve, we don't mean the neckline. The sleeve is the section of the Kurti that covers your arms. Most people are more concerned with the type of sleeves on their Kurtis than the neckline. You can visit Stylecaret for kurtis with different kinds of sleeves at affordable price with trendy design.

Since we all have different tastes, we choose the sleeve types that make us more comfortable in our garments. This principle is not unusual when it comes to selecting kurta. The sleeve that you want can describe your personality. The advantage of sleeve designs is that you can replicate them in different designer dresses. Some use them in western or Indian attire. Let us look at the best sleeve styles that you can get from designer kurta.

Full sleeves

Are you looking for a kurta you can wear to work? You need to consider a full sleeved one. This covers your entire arm without revealing some parts. Long sleeves are straight and run from your shoulder to the wrist. The sleeve does not interfere with the width of your garment.

It is the best style during winter when the weather is not conducive. You do not need to expose your skin to harsh weather conditions. You can also get a light Kurti with full sleeves to wear during summer. It can prevent your hands from getting sunburns from the intense rays. In this case, ensure that the material does not absorb a lot of heat so that you don't sweat excessively.

You can also choose this style to conceal plump shoulders or blemishes on your skin. The design can give you the confidence you need so that you don't have to put on an extra jacket. You can wear a long-sleeved kurta with a traditional skirt or a palazzo.

Quarter sleeves

Choose a quarter sleeve that leaves room for a classy watch or bracelet. The sleeve type is not too short to reveal the curves on your shoulders or too long to hide your wrist. It is a ¾ sleeve which goes well with different ethnic wear. If you need to hide skinny arms, you can do it with the quarter sleeved kurta.

The advantage of the design is that you can finish your Kurti with some traditional works on the sleeve's bottom. With additional embroidery, one cannot tell that you are actually concealing sleek arms. Feel free to wear the quarter sleeves with your favourite denim to leave a bossy impression.

Cap sleeves

Are you a well pear-shaped lady? Go for the cap sleeves which are short and come with a cap on the shoulders. This design does not cover your beautiful shoulder entirely. It only conceals part of the shoulder line and joins the hemline of your garment at the armpits. It falls between a short sleeved and a sleeveless design.

You can customise your Kurti with this sleeve style using the vehement embroidery to complete the look. The cap sleeves blend well with the Anarkali or flared kurtas. Select this design if you sweat a lot to prevent it from showing on your garment and prevent your hands from feeling confined.

Bishop sleeves

You can cover slim shoulders using the bishop sleeve type used in designer Kurtis. These are wider on the shoulder side then appear to gather at the wrist. They make your arms look more pronounced than their original appearance. The design matches with frock style Kurtis. Anarkali Kurtis also looks good when they feature bishop sleeves. Wear such a plan with pants or matching leggings.

Bell sleeve

Your dressing taste and the length of your Kurti determines how long or short the sleeves can be. They are not defined at the starting point but end up forming a bell type structure. They gather at your shoulder line and form an open cuff near the bottom of the sleeve. You can match the bell sleeve with different ethnic wear. The advantage of this sleeve design is that is not biased on a particular type of body.

Dolman sleeves

If you love long sleeved Kurtis, you can also choose this design. The sleeve runs from the shoulders to the wrist. It provides enough space around the shoulders as it is wide until the elbow. It, however, gets a bit narrow towards the wrist. The dolman sleeves are ideal for different forms of ethnic wear, but they look perfect when combined with the dhoti style kurti.

The sleeves suit ladies with plump arms or the square shape body type. Feel free to experiment this design with various forms of salwaars starting with the churidar salwar.

Puff sleeves

A combination of a designer blouse with a designer saree cannot be complete without the puff sleeves. They are one of the cutest sleeves existing in fashion design. Puff sleeves look like a balloon on the top and have a tight shoulder line to form a perfect puff. Choose puff sleeves in any length since they don't limit you on how far they can run. Any pear-shaped lady would look nice in this design though it also accommodates different figure lines.

Regan sleeve

As the summer approaches, you should arm yourself with Kurtis that have accommodative sleeves to prevent you from excessive heat. The Regan sleeves are perfect for the season as they run diagonally from your neckline up to the hemline of your underarms.

Though not many Kurtis incorporate this design, you can customize yours to make it unique and different from the common styles. The Regan sleeve can look elegant with a straight kurta or a Patiala kurta. If you have broad shoulders, this is the sleeve design for you.