Shutters or Blinds

As you’re contemplating blinds and shutters, you may be wondering what the main differences are between each? How do I decide? Are there any pros and cons? Investing in the right window treatments might seem overwhelming at first. But here are a few tips to help you narrow down the selection process.

Comparison: Blinds and Shutters

Basically, blinds are window coverings made up of slats. Curtains can be raised entirely; or when lowered, the slats can be rotated to let in more or less light. Shutters are stable coverings that surround your windows with casement and have slats you can rotate for light control as well as hinges for opening and closing. Here are a few more details about each to help you decide: shutters vs blinds?

In the past few years, many families are Googling- how to choose the right roller shutters for a number of reasons. As compared to blinds, roller shutters offer far better insulation. This is particularly useful if you are living in climactic conditions that are harsh and set between extremes. Roller shutters are also far more secure and safe than blinds, who do not have a lot of functions, apart from contributing to the aesthetic look and feel of the windows and letting light come inside. 

The Blind Truth About Blinds

Blinds come in both horizontal and vertical slats and have the primary function of controlling the amount of light coming through. And since they can be made from a wide range of materials, pricing on window blinds can vary as well. Real wood blinds tend to be on the higher end of the spectrum and can be stained or painted to create a warm tone. And what’s nice is you can customise wood blinds with a wide selection of finishes, slat sizes, upgrades and decorative tapes. Bamboo blinds, which are actually made from grass, are a sustainable option that has the appearance of real wood.

You can also go with faux wood blinds that are guaranteed to withstand heat and humidity but still have the luxurious look of wood blinds with realistic grain patterns. Some faux blinds are actually guaranteed never to fade, yellow, warp or bow, even in extreme temperatures and direct sunlight — something to consider if you have a lot of sun coming into your room or you live in a hot climate.

Mini blinds are on the more affordable end of the price spectrum and can be made from aluminium or vinyl in unique finishes and textures, from metallic and pearlescent to matte. The great thing is that they’re quite durable, and they’re available in hundreds of colours. Pair metal slats with real wood accents for a striking look, or mix and match colours to create something entirely unique.

For larger windows or patio doors, vertical blinds offer a lot of light control and come in a variety of styles, so they’ll work with both large and small expenses. And with so many colours in a wide range of materials, they’ll coordinate with any d├ęcor.

Shutters, a Premium Furniture

If you really want to increase the value of your home, shutters are the way to go1 (consider them premium furniture for your windows!) — so they’re also the more expensive of the two window treatments. Besides that, they’re very durable and provide excellent energy efficiency and sound absorption. And what’s really nice is that there are so many styles of shutters — so whether your home is contemporary, art deco or 50s ranch, you’ll definitely find a shutter that works. Added bonus: since shutters are naturally cordless, they’re a safer option if you have small children or pets.

Have odd-shaped windows? Shutters are available in sunburst and horizontal louvres to fit any window, from arches and angles to hexagons. There are also options ranging from real wood and hybrid shutters to faux wood shutters.

Crafted from genuine hardwood, real wood shutters in rich tones have the feel of custom cabinetry. And with so many stains and paint finishes, you can create just the right look. To help preserve your wood shutters, make sure they’re made with a finishing process that will not only bring out the beauty of the wood but also provide long-lasting protection.

Hybrid shutters blend the beauty of genuine hardwood with the strength of modern-day materials to keep your shutters from warping and bowing over time. You can choose from a wide range of colours that resemble genuine hardwood. If you live in a hot, humid climate or if you’re considering shutters for your bathroom or kitchen, UV-resistant poly satin shutters have the look of finely painted shutters, but they’re guaranteed to withstand extreme heat and moisture.

Final Thoughts

Before you make your final selection, make sure you check your light, privacy and energy efficiency requirements as well as your views. If you have amazing views, you may want blinds or shutters with larger slats or louvres. If you have a lot of sun coming into your room, you may wish to blinds or shutters made from faux wood. So which will it be? Shutters vs blinds? You can’t go wrong with either choice.

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