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With Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year on the horizon, the sales season is indeed upon us. It's this time of year when businesses launch new promotions, discounts, and other offers to attract new customers looking for more innovative ways to spend their money.

In the past, these marketing ideas only applied to physical goods, clothing, appliances, and other amenities. Still, these days, digital businesses can also take advantage of promotions. In fact, Cyber Monday is based entirely around online companies selling their goods and services.

  • With all that in mind, how can you attract new customers to your business using promotions? 

What is a Promotion Campaign?

Promsimplyns are marketing tools you add to your business to gain new members, engage with existing customers, and boost your sales over a specific period. Usually, they involve great financial offers, such as 2-1 deals or discounts that your patrons can take advantage of for a limited time. Online retailers often take this route, with sites like Amazon and Asos hosting huge sales occasionally over a certain period, thus attracting thousands of people looking for a bargain. The trick is that customers usually have to make an account, and once they've done that, they're likely to return for more, even when sales are not underway.

Discounts aren't the only form of a promotional campaign a business can try. An alternative is offering customers more for the same price, a tactic that many online-centric companies use. Thanks to intense competition in the sector, the iGaming industry has perfected the art of offering customers more bang for their buck over the years. As they sell experiences rather than physical products, sites like Casino Euro offer new customers free spins on top games to entice them to join and sample their offerings. Meanwhile, other online casinos are known to provide no-deposit signup options or free games for the first few days of their membership. Many streaming services like Spotify and Netflix use a similar tactic by offering customers exclusive deals and content, such as Netflix's first-month free deal.

What Sort of Promotion Campaign Should You Use?

Which promotions a business uses depends entirely on what they try to sell. So, if you're trying to sell a product, it's probably best to go with the typical retailer promotion of discounts. However, suppose you're working with online games or running a membership club, industries with no physical goods to part with. In that case, offering your customers exclusive features, bonuses, and short free trials is best.

Regardless of your chosen method, ensure you launch your promotion correctly. Ensure that customers know your development is fleeting, a one-off that may not return in the future. This is their only chance to bag a bargain or get those exclusive features and bonuses. This is particularly easy when doing themed or seasonal promotions, so if you're new to the world of developments, you may want to try doing something like that first. You may not have the time to launch a Christmas promotion yet, but summer isn't far off, and if there's one thing customers love more than Christmas shopping, it's shopping in the summer.