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Tips for Writing a Simple Construction Quality Control Plan

Who would want to leave things out of the quality control which can get their plan rejected? Another reason for not committing the error is that it might lead to complications.
There are different levels of quality controls, and these are suitable for various projects while modifying the construction quality control plan. The aim should be to satisfy everyone – the user, the client, and the workers.
Irrespective of the plan you are following – construction quality control plan or developing it from scratch, keep in mind the following:


Customize the List of Records
Not all construction projects are lengthy and complicated; some are short and simple. And the latter doesn't need a high level of record-keeping while some projects require an in-depth record keeping. A construction quality control plan should highlight the record keeping in mind the requirements of every project. These eventually affect the construction safety.

Limit the List of Tasks
It is considered a good practice to list all the phases of construction in which the inspection is conducted at the end of the task. It is not essential to include every aspect of the structure in the plan as laid in the project schedule.

Select a Resource
Many construction safety software solutions can assist in customizing and enhancing the planning part. It increases efficiency, quality and collaboration while reducing the cost overrun and re-work.

Use Template
Customisation of each project is essential. Templates play a crucial role in this as you are not required to begin the project from scratch. A lot of construction safety apps provide models which can fulfil the need.


Claim that the Quality manager conducts all the inspections
A quality manager's responsibility is to offer insight and confirm that the quality processes are working. The construction superintendents can do most of the investigations. Henceforth, make sure to establish which inspection is to be done by the quality manager and which ones by the superintendents.

Submit Every Form
Just submit the forms you need for a specific project. It is important, or otherwise, the client would want you to undertake all the procedures are connected with the types included in the quality control plan.

Add more details than expected in the forms
Completion forms are needed for recording the completion of inspections. These reveal that an investigation is in no way record of the quality control standards. Include a dozen of the essential checkpoints. There is no need for small construction details. Too many points are confusing and also complicated.

Address each punch list item as non-conformance
Punch list items are nothing but corrections in the construction process and are not non-conformances. They can be corrected quickly and don't need the same level of quality controls as non-conformances. The quality manual should separate the punch list from non-conformance. It is recommended that punch lists should be treated as non-conformance when they meet these criteria – items not meeting quality standards and details remaining after the final task inspection.

Summing up

The quality control plan is nothing but an extension of the contract. Offer just what suffices. It is an essential ingredient of construction safety management.

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