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What is a Taser Gun? 

A TASER is a brand of conducted electrical weapon sold by Axon, formerly TASER International. This small weapon fires two barbed darts intended to puncture the skin and remain attached to the target. The darts on this stay connected to the central unit by thin insulated copper wire and deliver electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles, causing "neuromuscular incapacitation." The effects of a TASER may only be localized pain or a muscular involuntary long muscle contraction based on the mode of use and connectivity of the darts. You can find a Taser at TheHomeSecuritySuperstore and many other online self-defense stores. You can find a Taser online at TheHomeSecuritySuperstore and many other online self-defense stores.

The TASER was first introduced as a less-lethal force option to be used by the police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people who would have otherwise been subjected to more lethal force options like firearms. The TASER is marketed as less-lethal because severe injury or death can occur whenever the weapon is deployed. The TASER is sold as less-lethal because the case of severe injury or death exists whenever the gun is deployed. A 2009 Police Executive Research Forum study found that officer injuries had dropped by 76% when a TASER was started to be used. Taser International has stated that police surveys have shown that the device has saved 75,000 lives through 2011.

What are the safety concerns associated with Taser Guns? 

The TASER device is less-lethal and not a non-lethal weapon. The weapon also uses sharp metal projectiles and electricity, which may lead to misuse or abuse of the gun, which may, in turn, increase the likelihood that severe injury or death may occur. In addition, the manufacturer has also identified other risk factors that may improve the risks of use. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and fragile individuals are considered to be at a higher risk. Persons with known medical problems, such as heart disease, a history of seizures, or having a pacemaker may also be at higher risk. Axon also warns individuals that repeated, extended, or continuous use of these Tasers is unsafe. Because of this, the Police Executive Research Forum believes that total exposure should not exceed 15 seconds.

Also, other circumstances can pose a higher secondary risk of severe injury or death, including free falls, subjects falling from elevated positions, and persons running on hard or rough surfaces. Persons operating machinery or any kind of conveyance like cars, motorcycles, bikes, or skateboards and also places where explosive or flammable substances are present.

Are the Taser Guns legal to use? 

TASER Laws can be interpreted as Taser Guns, and stun guns are not considered firearms. They are legal for law enforcement to be used in all 50 states and can be legally owned by citizens in almost 48 states.

Can a Taser kill you? 

Yes, Tasers can Sometimes Kill. In rare cases, people have gone into cardiac arrest and also died after being shocked in the chest with stun guns such as Tasers, and now researchers say that they can now better understand why this happens.

The handgun-shaped weapon actually shoots two barbed darts into a person's skin or clothing. The darts are connected to wires which can deliver 50,000 volts of electrical current for five seconds. This shock can temporarily subdue the individual, which can cause pain and muscle contractions.

Can you bring a Taser in your carry bag? 

The Taser usually falls into the same category as pepper spray in that stun guns are suitable for personal defense. The best part is that you can put a Taser in your checked baggage and have it for protection on your vacation. You can also use the world of waistline carry, the Inside the Waistband holster, or the IWB holster. An IWB holster, when worn correctly, will easily conceal your firearm.

Use of the Tasers: 

Police use the Tasers mainly on the more minor subjects and elderly subjects because striking or falling on them will cause much more injury than a Taser, which would only contract their muscles conditioned for their size. They are scarce for people to break their bones by contracting muscles. Critics have also countered that Tasers can interact with pre-existing medical complications like medications and may even result in someone's death. Therefore, critics suggest that using a Taser on a minor, particularly a young child, is effectively cruel and an abusive punishment or primarily unnecessary.