Ageing is one of the undeniable realities of life that need to be dealt with. As no one can avoid the ageing process no matter how hard we wish for it, the best thing we can do is to prepare ourselves for the ageing process. When our bodies and minds are ready, we are able to deal better with the changes ageing brings to our bodies, mind and lifestyle.

One of the things people can do to prepare for ageing and have a healthy life as a senior is to change their diets. The diet should include more superfoods, i.e., all-natural foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals that nourish the body and mind. People over 60 must know about the superfoods and consume them because they are more at risk for diseases connected with aging process like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, circulatory disease, etc.

If you think that you are healthy enough because you bought quality exercise equipment from a site like and don’t need superfoods, then you are wrong. A combination of exercise and a good diet is essential to stay healthy as you age. Now, if you want to know which superfoods will help you live a more independent and healthy life, then you should check out the list mentioned here.

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable is famous all over the world because it’s not only healthy but tasty too. You can find many delicious recipes for it over the internet and try as many as you want. Sweet potatoes are loaded with immune boosting and cancer-fighting benefits and also have Vitamins C and A that help people with asthma or arthritis to stay healthy. This vegetable is also allowed for people who have diabetes because it has minimal effect on your blood sugar levels.

Flax Seeds

If you are looking for food that can help prevent inflammation which can lead to different life-altering diseases like cancer, heart issues and arthritis, then you can place your trust in flax seeds. They are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids that are proven to reduce inflammation. The best ways to include flax seeds into your diet is to crush them and add them to smoothies, salads, juices or even breakfast cereals.

Sweet Bell Pepper

If you are a senior who is continually looking to reduce weight and stay fit, then you should include sweet bell pepper in your diet. Apart from great taste and fantastic colour, this superfood is also low in calories and is a good source of vitamins C and A. It can also help you to get youthful skin and a better immune system. It is also great for brain health because it’s loaded with vitamin B6, an essential nutrient that helps renew brain cells and boosts your nervous system.

Red Wine

Yes, we knew that you would smile when you read this point. Having red wine occasionally is beneficial for seniors because it is loaded with many antioxidants that help you stay away from heart troubles. It also has resveratrol that allows you to avoid blood clots and prevent damage to blood vessels.


Milk is a quickly and widely available superfood that must be included in every person’s diet, not just seniors. It is usually loaded with calcium which helps you to stay away from osteoporosis and lets you have strong and healthy bones while improving bone mass as well. In case you don’t like how milk tastes, you can also opt for options like yoghurt, cheese and chocolate (in moderation) to get ample amounts of calcium.

Dark Chocolate

Another indulgence a senior can enjoy without feeling guilty is dark chocolate. It has more antioxidants than several fruits and vegetables. Seniors can have one or two squares of (70 per cent cacao or more) dark chocolate in a day to keep the blood pressure in control and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Read some more benefits of dark chocolate for seniors here.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon is another superfood that is loaded with benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. It is also a rich source of EPA and DHA that lower the risk of heart attack in the seniors. In fact, seniors who eat about 8 ounces of pink salmon a week have a low risk of heart disease. Pink salmon can also help you to meet your body’s protein needs.

Firm Tofu

Made from soybean curds, firm tofu is a gluten-free and low-calorie superfood that can keep seniors healthy. It has no cholesterol and is loaded with calcium, iron, magnesium and protein. This is why vegans and vegetarians love it. Seniors also benefit from vitamin E content present in tofu that helps prevent damage to body’s cells.

It is hoped that you will now include some of these superfoods in your diet to stay healthy for long.