Although we would like to see our dogs live at least as much as we do, this is, unfortunately, not how things are in reality. Dogs have a much shorter life span than humans, so we need to be prepared for everything the moment we decide to get a dog. This also means to ensure a comfortable life in its senior years and get ready to part when the moment comes.

Precisely because the life of a dog is so short, we should do our best to give our companions the chance to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Companionship dogs give us everything they can, so the best we can do is to alleviate the discomforts of old age. How to spend the golden years with your dog in the best way possible? Below you will find useful pieces of advice that will help you both enjoy this period.

Make sure that your dog has an adequate level of exercising
Even if senior dogs move slower and don’t have the same level of energy, you should still make sure they enjoy proper exercising. Still, moderation is key, as too much can trigger health problems and too little will weaken the dog’s muscles. Thus, if your dog used to run alongside your bike, now you will have to settle for calm walks.

Daily walks will keep the dog strong in its senior years, will positively impact its appetite, and prevent your dog from gaining too much weight. The lack of physical activity in senior dogs can lead to obesity, which will put a lot of strain on their already weakened joints.

Protect your dog against the weather

Dogs are rather sturdy creatures that are capable to manage the weather in all of its forms. But as they age, their ability to stay safe when the weather goes bad decreases. This is when you, the owner, step in. Offer your dog adequate protection against weather extremes during its golden years.

When the weather outside is cold, use protective clothing. If it freezes, you should also consider getting your dog a pair of special shoes, to protect its paws. Even when it is indoors, you could offer it a warm blanket or a back coat. An adequate level of warmth will soothe its aching muscles and joints.

During the summer, when temperatures get high, you should be prepared to help your dog cool down. There are special beds and pet clothes that will help your dog lower its body temperature. A small kids pool can also do the trick, giving it the chance to cool down in a fun manner. Using a hose and wetting your dog will help as well. Still, it is worth remembering that you should water its belly and groin area. Getting its coat wet will not help. On the contrary, this may get your dog even warmer. And, of course, make sure it has plenty of fresh water around the clock.

Use special buckles when traveling by car

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a short or long trip, as your dog should be properly secured at all times. It is much easier for a senior dog to get injured, as its body is more fragile and heals harder. Thus, falling between the car’s seats when you use the breaks abruptly can cause serious injuries. Avoid this by using special pet buckles each time you travel by car with your dog.

Offer your dog a more comfortable bed

You’re probably used to seeing your dog sleep in the weirdest positions and on any kind of surface. Well, as it ages, sleeping on hard surfaces will become less and less comfortable. This is due to the fact that its joints are suffering from wear and tear, and its muscles are not in such great shape anymore. Not to mention that cold and hard surfaces are not helping the dog relax either.

When your dog shows signs of old age or appears to seek soft and warm spots to nap, it is time to consider a better dog bed. There is a wide range of orthopedic dog beds that are thicker than the regular beds you find in pet stores. Offer a bed like this paired with a warm blanket to your senior dog and resting time will definitely be improved.

Pay attention to its diet and offer it proper supplements

It may be hard to believe that your dog is old already, so you may be avoiding senior dog food assortments. Still, if you want to avoid weight-related health problems, you should pay more attention to your dog’s diet. Also, have it checked by a vet and ask for the kind of supplements a dog of its age could benefit from. A bit of extra attention will keep your dog's health in great shape for as long as it is possible.

Taking good care of our dogs in their golden years is a way for us to say thank you for all the happiness, love, and loyalty they provided for all this time. If you want to purchase a small pup companion which has been taken care of and is certified, find out here a place where you can get one from.