Your home reflects you. Whether you prefer a comfortable and casual style or upscale and posh, it's good to walk in and feel the vibe. After a long day, returning to a beautiful yet comfortable home is also great. Consider these five tips if you'd like to find simple ways to improve your current living space.

1. Use functional furniture

If you have a coffee table in the middle of the living room that you always move when it's time for a weekend dance party, it's not the most functional piece. Instead, consider adding casters to the bottom of the coffee table. Casters are wheels you can attach to the bottom of a portion of furniture so that you can quickly move it around. You can attach Faultless casters to wooden planks to make it easier to move furniture around as you please.

2. Declutter

While you have the faultless casters, know you can use them to help move items out of your home. If you have tons of papers, large bags of old clothes, and furniture you need to get rid of, do it. When you intentionally clear the clutter out, your home will feel like a brand-new space. Many experts suggest that confusion merely extends what's happening mentally. Working on the clutter in your view can help you with your mental clarity and productivity. Using subscription boxes for home decor can also give a sense of order inside your living space.

3. Include stunning artwork

Art has a way of breathing new life into a space. You may want to find a really large-scale painting to place over the fireplace. Make sure the size works for the wall it's going on. A gallery wall with black and white prints can look incredibly sophisticated. Use artwork to make a statement. Just know that you can choose an array of options. If you love beautiful sculptures, ornately painted vases, or handmade scarves, these options can be their own form of stunning artwork. Create an art installation or a shadow box to display different pieces.

4. Add more natural light

Natural light opens up a room. If you are currently covering the windows with boring blinds, it's time to switch things up. Replace the screens with Roman shades. Layer the Roman shades with curtains in luxurious fabrics and prints. Use curtain pullbacks to open up the window treatments during the daytime. Now, you'll have a beautiful frame allowing light to flood the room.

5. Create a signature scent

Many people love using scented plug-ins in each room of the home. Instead, consider a different option. Purchase a signature candle with a stunning scent. You can burn it for an hour each day. You can also purchase a diffuser that releases essential oils every few hours. The power of eucalyptus oil and lemon oil is undeniable. You'll be able to achieve a fantastic signature scent that leaves your guests wanting more.

You can choose to do one tip at a time. You might decide to tackle all of these tips within two weeks. However, it's always best to take your time and get an authentic understanding of what you truly want. Also, it's good to remember that if you don't like a change you've made, it's always okay to try again.