Bike racing is a favourite sport for many individuals. However, it is essential to understand this sport well and have enough practice before hitting the race track. Many people consider such races dangerous and life-threatening. This is true to a certain degree because accidents occur while performing stunts or racing through uneven tracks. But it should be noted that the sport is adventurous, and if a person is proficient enough, accidents are highly reduced.

Prevention of accidents on race tracks and during stunt performances

As a biker and stunt performer, the person needs to work on their stunt performing skills. There are institutes where one can train, and groups are made that people can join to practice stunts. Specific techniques must be learned regarding the controls of the vehicle and how it can be manoeuvred on the tracks. As a biker, one obviously has a basic understanding of driving a bike, but practical knowledge is essential. The tricks and techniques for controlling the vehicle while performing stunts should be known to the biker to ensure safety. The fear of accidents plagues many people when they hear the term stunt or racing. All these fears can be rest if a few precautionary measures are taken. Some of these safety rules are given below:

Perfecting the skills required for stunt performances:

If a person goes off-roading with their bike, the biker should practice the manoeuvring methods required for off-roading in known terrains before participating in a formal race. With more practice, the skills of controlling the vehicle will develop, and the bikers will also gain confidence, enabling them to perform such stunts formally. There can be a few rocky or uneven paths nearby; these paths can be chosen for practising. However, care should be taken that the way is not near pedestrian walks. Otherwise, untoward accidents can occur.

Increasing the difficulty level slowly and steadily:

Gradually increasing the difficulty of the stunts and off-roading paths is the best way to learn bike stunts; in this way, accidents are also minimized. When people suddenly attempt to do something complicated, there is a big chance that they will not succeed and can get injured in the process. Therefore, starting with simple stunts and relatively more accessible driving paths is a sensible idea. The gradual increase in difficulty will help the biker acclimate himself/herself to the entire process. Hence one should not be pushy about performing stunts and instead focus on learning one step at a time.

Using correct gears for performing stunts:

Safety is the most critical aspect for bikers, and it should be prioritised to ensure minimum injuries to themselves and others. The biker has to procure all the necessary elements for driving the bike through race tracks or doing stunts in an open space. Garments by Troy Lee Designs provide a complete collection for bikers, as well as they have well-designed biker suits and accessories, including helmets for making the bike ride adventurous and not unsafe.

Being aware of the weather and the terrain:

Long bike rides and off-roading trips are to be taken only after the biker has acquired information about the weather in the area where the off-roading will occur. If the weather is too bad, off-roading is not a good option. Stunts and bike races entail a certain degree of risk, but that risk factor must be measured. Knowing the surface where the off-roading will take place and the immediate weather conditions will help in planning the ride safely.

Fairly playing the game:

Many unintentional accidents happen on race tracks, and people tend to have collisions and crashes while off-roading. Still, one should never try to harm others to win voluntarily. In many cases, such harmful intentions get in the way of an otherwise adventurous sport. It is always better to play fair and enjoy the thrill of the performance as much as possible instead of focusing on deliberately harming others.

Keeping the confidence in check:

Confidence and skill are both necessary for this type of sport. While performing stunts, the biker has to be confident and composed at the same time. It is a very physically demanding sport, so it is necessary to stay organised. Overconfidence or trying to impress the audience watching the stunts can lead to wrong decisions resulting in injuries or accidents. The thrilling sensation should never cloud the reasoning capability, and one should always be confident while performing or racing on the tracks. For stunt performers, the showing-off factor hugely comes into play, but mental control should always be there; otherwise, overconfidence can lose havoc.

Coordinating with the group before group stunts:

In many cases, bike stunts are performed in duos or trios. Larger groups are also made for performances. In such cases, organising and coordinating becomes all the more essential. In a group activity, all the performers have some specific roles assigned to them, and they should stick to those roles and perform the bike stunts accordingly. If confusions regarding the actions are there, then it should be clarified before the performance. Suddenly changing the group act to acquire the spotlight should be avoided because it will not highlight the performance but will reveal disorganization.

Wrapping things up

Hence, bike rides are undoubtedly enjoyable and exciting journeys. The excitement can be kept intact, and the adventure can be enjoyed if correct precautions are taken, and stylish and safe bike gears are used.