The popularity of plastic surgery has been on the rise globally in the recent past due to the desire of patients to be in their best look and feel. Plastic surgery in Orange County provides real solutions to help people regain confidence and feel better. You could contemplate undergoing plastic surgery and are still deciding if it is the right thing to do. Below, we help you make up your mind about the procedure by pointing out reasons why it could be of benefit to you.

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Counteract the effects of aging.

Your body starts to manifest signs of aging, including sagging of the skin and wrinkles with time. This can make you look tired, angry, or sad, even though that is not how you feel. You can offset the effects of aging using plastic surgery. The following plastic surgery procedures can be used to achieve a youthful and revitalized face:
  • Cosmetic/dermal filler (BOTOX®)
  • Facelift
  • Brow Lift
  • Eyelid surgery

Get back to shape after seasonal weight gain.

Today, you can get quality results with plastic surgery owing to the advancement in surgical technology and training for medical personnel. With plastic surgery in Orange County, your new-look shape after seasonal weight gain looks natural and authentic. While women can lose shape due to childbearing and nursing, men can lose shape after weight loss.

Childbearing and nursing mothers

Pregnancy and nursing for infants can deal a significant blow to a woman's body shape. During this period, the abdomen becomes stretched out, only to shrink rapidly soon after childbirth. Mommy makeover procedures consisting of a tummy tuck, breast reduction, and augmentation help women regain their shape and size after birth and nursing.

Correct imperfections resulting from weight loss

Losing a significant amount of weight can leave you with flabby skin not in sync with your new lean body shape. Skin tightening surgery helps remove the excess skin and underlying tissues and draws the muscle structure to help achieve your desired shape. 

Missing body part reconstruction

Plastic surgery can also be carried out to reconstruct missing body parts, such as a breast after a patient undergoes a radical mastectomy. Repairing the remaining tissues in the affected region can be carried out concurrently with a mastectomy or later with a plastic surgeon in Orange County. Such plastic surgery operations can be accomplished using grafted tissue and skin from the flank, abdomen, or breast implants. 

Correction of deformities

Plastic surgery can also be used to correct deformities in body parts. Rhinoplasty is among the most common forms of plastic surgery. The procedure is necessary to help patients breathe appropriately after removing bone and cartilage, which alter air flow in the sinus and nasal passages. The following are the symptoms of a nasal or sinus passage blockage:
  • Snoring
  • Recurrent infection of the sinus
  • Sleep apnea