There are many ways you can make your haircut attractive and protect it against damage. Below you can find a few tips.

Where should be a part?

To have thick and fluffy hair, you need to change the place of your part from time to time. Women who never have their hair restyled claim that it gets less and less springy and drops. You can avoid this by moving the part by 1-2 cm or from left to right, or the other way round.

Buy a suitable cushion

Also, cushions influence the condition and looks of your hair. It is advisable to sleep on a silk cushion – cotton raises friction and thus may damage the surface of your hair. This is the case particularly among babies because they move a lot: their hair is not so smooth and springy. Silk has a flat surface and is more skin-friendly than cotton. It contains amino-acids responsible for delaying ageing and wrinkles emergence. Alternatively, you can choose satin, it is soft, too.

Hairspray may work wonders

To make sure your hair is perfect, you can spray it with hairspray in a specific position – lower your head and spray it at a distance of about 20 cm. After you have lifted your head, hair streaks will go from the roots. Lately, the straggly hairstyle has been fashionable, it is supposed to imitate disarray – to ensure such style, you have to spray hairspray under the hot stream of hairdryer air. Thanks to this, you can increase your hair volume.

Unique use of hair conditioner

You can use a hair conditioner in an unconventional way. If you wish to prevent your hair from tangling, apply a conditioner on wet strands of hair and then comb out with a brood comb. This way you can make your hair fluffy and beautiful. Do you like swimming? Before you put a cap on, wet your hair in water and apply the conditioner. This is how you can secure your head against harmful chlorine.

Visual lifting

Would you like to lift and make your face look slimmer? Have a ponytail at the height of cheekbones. Impressive looks guaranteed.

Toothbrush not only for teeth

Is your hair soft and thin? Tease it from time to time with a toothbrush. All you have to do is grab a lock of hair and tease it from the bottom, and then smooth out at the top to enjoy the desired effect. A toothbrush also comes in handy if your locks are unruly. You can curb them with hairspray and by pulling through protruding hair.

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