A park at the cutting edge of modern technology with integrated automated insertion machines to ensure an optimal price/quality ratio enables the assembly of cards in CMS technology.

Production lines include circuit loading, glueing, screen printing for solder paste, component insertion and soldering.

Connect Group offers a wide range of options for products requiring special handling or processing, such as Class II, Class III, Ex, CleanRoom, ISO 9001: 2000 certified, and UL certified production.

The various production sites are assisted by well-monitored and controlled logistics services. On the one hand, these services ensure a choice of components based on price criteria like PCB Assembly Manufacturer, reliability and lead times. On the other hand, they adapt and propose a logistic model that best meets customers' wishes.

Quality remains the key indicator of Connect Group's performance. Our production facilities use demanding processes in ESD security, feasibility, traceability and testing.

Our electronic board assembly services include:

  • Traceability of components at 100%
  • IPC 610A class II and III standards
  • NPI process (Introduction of new products) 
  • Dedicated Logistics
  • Surface component transfer (CMS)
  • Die & wire bonding
  • Through Components
  • Selective welding
  • Press-fit
  • tropicalization 
  • ISO class 7 clean room

The tests: AOI, ICT, functional test, boundary scan, HASS and HALT

Will this printed circuit design software adapt to my evolving needs?

This last question about PCB Assembly is not often considered, but it is very important. Time passes, and your needs change in design. The design technology you use is changing or changing completely, so your CAD tools must be ready to keep pace with your changing needs. Since none of us can know the future, the best we can do is learn about the current identity of the software manufacturer.

Is it a thriving, growing company with a positive corporate culture? Does it have plans for the future? Does it regularly offer new and improved technology and design software versions? If you can answer yes to these questions, then this company could become for you a reliable partner for many years. Over the last few years, a quiet revolution has happened in Turnkey PCB Assembly and manufacturing.  Traditional overseas manufacturing standards require high minimum amounts and extended lead times that no longer fit today’s innovative startups. 

As with buying a home, buying new PCB design software requires careful study before any commitment; the features, the helpdesk and the future evolution of the software are, therefore, criteria that must be studied before making a decision. By ensuring that the software responds favourably to these three critical criteria, you can make the best decision about choosing your new PCB design software.