More than half of the season of the English Premier League has already passed. The struggle for the title here is on all fronts. One of the most exciting fights will be for a place in the Champions League zone.

If everything is evident with the first two positions because Liverpool and Manchester City are securely positioned, small gaps start after them. Tottenham is in the 3rd position, while Chelsea is in the 4th. It is the Aristocrats that we wanted to talk more about.

Sarri’s team started the season confidently, remaining among the leading contenders for the victory for a good third of the championship. However, at that time, Chelsea didn’t have a wide variety of players in the attacking line. Giroud and Morata are hardly scorers, although each has proved himself well in certain parts of the season. But in the long run, they can hardly be considered reliable scorers.

Livescores here will allow you to make sure of it. As a result, Chelsea lagged slightly behind its competitors. Moreover, the team allowed Arsenal and Manchester United to get dangerously close; both teams picked up good speed, wanting to take their places in the Champions League zone again. You can find the EPL scores here at any time of the day, so you will definitely get everything from the world of your favourite league.

Team Prospects in the Second Half of the Season

Now, Chelsea needs to overcome its most successful period. The team needs a point gain to compete equally against its rivals.

However, we all saw that even during the current season, the Aristocrats showed bright and attacking football, which allowed them to claim the title for a long time. Among the existing strengths of Chelsea, we can highlight the following:

Individual skills of players. Due to this, the fate of some matches is often decided by only one athlete. For example, Eden Hazard occasionally the team from time to time.

Tactical decisions of Maurizio Sarri. Starting with the first matches at Stamford Bridge, the Italian coach made local fans like him thanks to the bright and attacking style performed by the players.

Instability of the main competitors. Even though Manchester United and Arsenal are close, they are in good shape only occasionally. Because of this, it is difficult to count on the steady progress of these teams, even though they are now showing a beautiful game.

Thus, Chelsea can finish the season positively, securing its right to get into the Champions League zone. However, they need to start giving their all to achieve this.