A career in live sound engineering is both fun and rewarding. Once you enrol yourself, you get opportunities galore to take your job to the next level. Only a couple of things are constant when you work as a live sound engineer. Things keep changing from venues to artists and to acoustic environments. Even music equipment changes at the venue sites. Though it is a challenging career, live sound engineering is one of the promising jobs when it comes to shows. Every artist is a solo performer playing with his or her musical instrument. If you are a talented live mixer, you help artists to balance each note from individual devices, thus creating the best sound output to impress the audience. Here are the three essential benefits of becoming a live sound engineer:

Instant Feedback

When it comes to a studio engineer, he or she toils for hours to develop flawless music, but need to wait for a long time for feedback or review. However, a live sound engineer gets immediate feedback when the sound leaves the PA system. Therefore, he or she gets an opportunity to work on the reviews and improve his or her performance further. When the audience screams and jumps, it is an indication of not touching the mixer. On the contrary, the first signal of a strange output is an indication to let your fingers move the board to solve the problem before any further embarrassment.

Maximum Exposure

When you become a live sound engineer, you do not work at one studio or venue like a typical studio mixer. You get an opportunity to communicate with budding artists as well as seasoned performers. Additionally, you can work at different venues, thus giving you more exposure. Besides, you can also refine your portfolio when applying for future jobs by highlighting numerous badges under the ‘Experience’ section in your CV. So if you want to become a successful live sound engineer, enrol in one of the best music producing courses in Mumbai.

Increased Contacts and Travelling

When you work with different artists at multiple venues, you get to interact with bigwigs hailing from the entertainment and music industry. You create more contacts that help you in getting better opportunities in the future. You meet different people and establish yourself as a popular, talented, and reputed live sound engineer.

Usually, a live mixer works with a band and therefore gets an opportunity to go places, visit different parts of the world, and perform at national and international concerts together with the artists. Thus, if you love music and are passionate about travelling, you get the best of both worlds. Even if you do not like to travel that much, these tours will help you to work on your skills as a sound engineer and prove your mettle to the world at large. According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.com, tours and events are intended for long-term goals such as improving your live performance and fan following.


The benefits of becoming a live sound engineer are manifold. All you need to do is enrol in the best course and undergo professional training to stand out from the rest.