Are you an adrenaline junkie? Make common trips with sight-seeing and bird watching bore you? Do you always crave for something more? Something that excites you? Something that thrills you beyond ecstasy? Do you often feel like “this is not it, there must be something more”? Well, what you miss is adrenaline rush, my friend! What you need is an adventure.

 You feel the lack of it in your bones and nerves. But, that’s not how it should be. When you are in India, if you want to experience the rush of adrenaline in your body, there are too many places to experience it. The following is our pick of destinations you will definitely enjoy. Book a cheap flight to India and enjoy the below goals and recharge yourself.

Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is ready to welcome you to showcase your adrenaline rush. A bike ride along the Rann of Kutch could be a truly rendezvous experience one can handle alone. It is normal to miss the adrenaline rush when you are following a routine life. But, remember that’s not who you are. If you feel like revisiting the old charismatic, unpredictable and energised you, within you, this is your chance. Book a flight to one of the above destinations and recharge yourself.


Ladakh is the most sought out tourist destination in India in general. Here there are so many adventurous activities organised which can be explored. There are trekking facilities available, which will take you through the beautiful sham valley while you can see the famous Tibetan monasteries as well. There are beautiful apricot orchards around which you can see during the trekking. Besides the sham valley trekking, there are also options like Spituk- Matho trek, Nimaling Plateau trek, Nubra and Indus valley trek etc. for you to choose from according to your preferences. Each of these trekking tours reveals different parts of Ladakh, and you can explore the enchanting beauty of the land. Besides trekking, Ladakh offers mountaineering, Jeep safaris, rafting, and camping facilities as well. The varied topography of Ladakh enriches each of these experiences. But if you're not satisfied with the usual rush of adrenaline, you could always go for mountain biking in Ladakh where there are steep valleys and winding mountain trails which would indeed challenge the adventure junkie in you.
Andaman Nicobar Island

Andaman is one of the most famous islands in India. This is an exotic destination even for rest of the Indians as it is a union territory of India. It shares international waters with Thailand. Andaman has all the flavours for the perfect vacay sport. But if you're into adventures, Andaman indeed welcomes you. You can have a fun-filled enthralling experience here without a doubt. Andaman being an archipelago consists hundred of islands nearby. And there are many facilities to enjoy challenging water adventures here. The Havelock island in Andaman is known for the diving experience. In the beaches of Havelock island, you can dive to enjoy the most fantastic underwater expertise due to the abundance of corals reefs and marine life. The Johnny Gorge island in Havelock has even sharks and Eagle Ray's other than the usual aquatic wildlife which makes it altogether a different experience. In the North Bay island of Andaman, there's an underwater sea walk designed for the tourists which are indeed the most uniques experience once can have. Isn't it really different? You can actually walk down in the sea and observe the ocean life in front of your eyes while you step forward. Incredible! The elephant beach in Andaman has snorkelling facilities. This beach also has coral reefs, colourful fishes, and turtles. It is also called the snorkelling heaven of Havelock. At the butler bay of Andaman, you can learn and do surfing. In short, Andaman is the ultimate water adventure destination in India where you can choose from multiple options or even try all of them to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. 


Goa is the enjoyment destination of India. While Goa is known for its party places in general, what makes the situation more interesting is the availability of different kinds of water sports here. Even though it is not an adventurous sport, you can try the patch in Goa which will be a different experience. In Candolim and Mobor beaches of Goa, you can try kneeboarding. It is the primary step of learning other water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. In Goa, you can try kayaking. If it sounds annoying to you, participate in kayaking race and see. You wouldn't know what you were missing out on. Wakeboarding is an exciting water sport for everyone. If you like indulging in extreme water sports activities in Goa, wakeboarding is definitely one amongst it. When you are wakeboarding, the board is tied on a boat, and you're gliding along. It could be a little scary if you don't know how to balance the board according to the speed of the boat as well the waves. It can be done in Candolin, Manor and Rajbaga beaches. Goa is also a beautiful honeymoon destination in India.


Gulmarg is a scenic destination preferred by everyone. This place is heaven with majestic mountain ranges, broad snowfields, and precious sceneries. Gulmarg is also famous for its octane skiing slopes and snow cladded valleys. Skiing through those rough valleys with pine trees on both sides can be dangerous yet adventurous.

It is considered one of the best adventure destinations in India. There are facilities for rappelling, river rafting, bungee jumping and rock climbing here. Also, there are prospects for camping if you are interested in doing it. Unlike the other bungee jumping destinations in India, Rishikesh has the most coordinated and safe facility which will satisfy your adrenaline needs.
Subasiri river

The Subasiri river in Arunachal Pradesh is a fantastic destination for adrenaline junkies. The river originates from that part of Himalayan mountain ranges which is situated in Tibet. When the river reaches Arunachal Pradesh, at Golden Masheer, there are facilities arranged for angling. If you like angling, there is no other place in India as amazing as this to try it. You can also do white water rafting in Subasiri river which is a thrilling and scary experience.