If you are looking for a convenient way of getting a new social security card, chances are you also want it to be fast. If you have requested a social security card in the past, you also probably know that the application process can be a time-consuming, especially If you have to wait in line at the social security office.

Many people are turning to assisted online filing. Here is how it works.

Why is Applying for a Social Security Card Usually So Slow?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to take a close look at every application, and that can take a while. With so much sensitive information, it is only right that they give it the attention it deserves. Even the smallest mistake, then, can set your application back significantly. To avoid having your social security card application returned, make sure all your information is accurate the first time. 

The SS-5 Form is Automated

Assisted online filing makes filling out your form leisurely, and the questions are laid out efficiently. When all the relevant issues have been answered, your information is then automatically transferred into the right format. Because of the way the process has been simplified, you are less likely to make any errors that can slow down your application.

Everything is Made Simple

You literally can’t go wrong. Every question is phrased in a clear, concise manner in plain English—no complicated legal terminology— and you can check everything you have input at the end. 

Your Social Security Card Awaits

Once you have followed the easy steps, it is time to hit send. You won't have to wait longer than 7 to 10 days, and while you are waiting, you have the benefit of knowing you did everything right, and there will be no delays due to errors.

Your Questions Are Answered

If you were to wait in line at the office to have a simple question answered, it could be a long time until you actually get to submit your paperwork. The benefit of using an assisted online application, such as AOF social security cards service, is the level of customer service that you get. If you have an urgent question, then you can pick up the phone or use live chat.

For less critical queries, there is also an email service. You will find that everything is handled promptly and you can have your question answered without ever needing the leave the house.


Convenience is the biggest reason for using an assisted online filing service. You can send everything from wherever you are at any time. No need to wait for the office to open only to expect more in line. Likewise, the risk of human error is severely reduced because of how simple the whole process is.

Now you understand how simple assistant online filing is to use, the benefits are apparent. If you want to make sure you get your social security card application right the first time, look into using it for yourself.