Rahul Gandhi is the fourth-generation scion of the very politically powerful Nehru-
Gandhi family. He is presently 48 years old and is certainly the dynamic face of ‘New India’. He has evolved as a leader who is not at all afraid to call a spade a spade even at instances when it has the chances of bringing in negative results for the party or for himself. There are several habits or characteristics of Rahul Gandhi which make this Youth Icon of the country a political honcho. 

Here we would discuss some of his good habits which we can very positively implement in our own lives.
  1. In the year 2004, Rahul Gandhi entered the mainstream politics and contested for his father’s former Lok Sabha constituency of Amethi located in Uttar Pradesh. Soon after, he faced a lot of criticism from the masses and he was deemed to be unfit for joining politics. Rahul Gandhi did not lose focus due to this and brought an end to all the rampant criticism by winning the elections against BJP by a big margin of 100,000 votes. This instance talks a lot about his will power and his ability to cope with the criticisms. We can learn this quality of possessing the firm will power in spite of facing endless criticisms and adversity. 
  2. In the year 2007, Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the general secretary of the All India Congress Committee and he took the charge of the ‘Indian Youth Congress’ as well as ‘National Students Union of India’. He promised to reform youth politics and also successfully done that within a short span of time. Apart from this, he has done several other works which talks about his leadership skill. This proves his immense leadership quality. We can learn the leadership quality from Rahul Gandhi and implement the same in our lives which would eventually add a lot of value to our lives. 
  3. Rahul Gandhi has brought an unexpected cheer to the Congress party in the year 2009 Lok Sabha elections and proved his mettle by single-handedly winning more than 20 seats just in Uttar Pradesh and an overall of 204 seats in the Lok Sabha. Thus, Congress formed the Government from 2009 to 2014 because of Rahul Gandhi’s hard work and dedication. So, we should learn how to be hard-working and enthusiastic about success in our lives from Rahul Gandhi. We should positively adopt Rahul Gandhi’s “Never say die” attitude which would surely bring in guaranteed success in our lives. 
  4. Rahul Gandhi has always been a leader of ‘righteousness’ and ‘cause’. He is unlike the several aimless and pompous leaders who just show off to fetch votes from the masses. This quality of Rahul Gandhi of maintaining righteousness and be result-oriented should be adopted by us. This would refrain us from wasting our valuable time and be more goal-oriented. Eventually, this would bring in a lot of success in our lives. 
  5. In the year 2011, Rahul Gandhi was behind the bars and was arrested by the UP police at Bhatta Parsaul village when he supported the agitating farmers who were demanding for more compensation as their land was acquired for a massive highway project. Such a connect with the grass root level is something India has very rarely witnessed in any politician. So, his dedication for his duties is very commendable and we should learn this from Rahul Gandhi and implement the same in our lives. 
  6. Rahul Gandhi is always brimming with fresh ideas and he is also very assertive towards changes and commitment in order to make the things work smoothly. We should learn this from Rahul Gandhi how to adapt to the changes as change is the only constant in our lives. 
  7. Rahul Gandhi has the excellent quality of delegating the duties to his colleagues and party members. It was Rahul Gandhi who took the initiative of appointing Sam Pitroda in the Prime Minister’s office in the capacity of a Cabinet Minister. So, we should learn how to delegate the duties to others in order to get the works done smoothly and within the desired timeline.