If you are not a severe exercise lover or an athlete but still want to keep up with the health regime, the gym sessions can be quite intimidating. Further, just having the thought of walking on a treadmill and stationary bikes is enough to pull you back on the couch. You prepare yourself for the after-work gym, but your bed proves to be more enticing than the machines when the time comes. So, what to do?

Is there any way to stay in shape without waiting too far from the couch? Well, here are the five workouts you can do at home without shelling out the dough on gym memberships:


Aside from improving focus to achieve goodness in life, offering healthier breathing patterns and driving better postures, yoga offers umpteen benefits that can't be ignored. It helps in building muscle strength, elevates the heart rate, builds stamina, tones muscles, releases toxins and lactic acids and more. Further, it increases the blood flow in your body and is known to boost the haemoglobin level and RBC level in the body that carry oxygen to the tissues.

Tai Chi:

Tai chi is a form of martial art that combine movement and relaxation techniques to strengthen your body and mind healthy. Also called meditation in motion, tai chi combines various graceful movements and effective transitions from one move to another. Since the classes are available for learners of all ages, anyone can learn them with ease irrespective of their fitness level. All you need is to take you in martial art training, get the martial arts training accessories, and you are ready to learn.


Swimming is the best recreational activity anyone can do; it’s a low-impact workout that helps you feel good and relaxed. The benefits of swimming vary from burning calories, improving heart health, building muscle and more. Further, the buoyancy of the water offers support to your body and aids in taking the strain off of the painful joints. Swimming is also beneficial for those who have arthritis because it’s less weight-bearing exercise.

According to SwimJourney, swimming also helps in improving the mental state, elevates your mood, build endurance, tone muscles, assists in maintaining a healthy weight and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Strength Training:

Think over if you think strength training is only for macho and brawny people! After all, lifting heavy, light weights will not make you bulk up the muscles. Instead, it will keep you strong. Further, if you don’t practice the muscle exercises, you will lose strength and will become weak over time. Muscles also help burn calories, maintain weight, and improve brain functioning. Start from light weight lifting, one or two pounds, and gradually increase weights.

Kegel Exercises:

Not only do the proper exercises help you look better, but they also aid in strengthening pelvic floor muscles, which offer support to the bladder. To do Kegel exercises, squeeze the pelvic muscles and hold the contraction for a few minutes. Then, relax the muscles and try four to five sets a day.

Jogging, Running And Walking:

No matter how physically fit you are, running, jogging or even walking is the most affordable way to improve overall health. And the best part about them is that you can just do them anywhere. Whether you are doing a simple casual walk or making high-intensity sprints and jogging, running helps you get in shape and aids in overall fitness. It assists in increasing cardiovascular fitness, assists weight loss, improves sleep, increases stamina and more.

There are many ways through which you can quickly achieve your fitness goals, and not all include gym sessions. So, take some time, find your best exercise and stay healthy!