garden on a budget

If you think you can’t do much to a small garden with a limited budget, the following tips are about to change your tune. Even the tiniest gardens can be stylish and impress visitors if you know the right tricks.

If your outdoor space feels bare, here are five ways to transform your small backyard garden at an affordable cost.

Do your planning 

While planning is important for any renovation, it’s beneficial when working with a small area. You need to know exactly how to best use your space.

Measure your backyard so that you know the exact size you're working with, then draw or sketch out what you'd like your dream garden to look like. These measurements will be helpful when purchasing your materials and bigger decoration pieces. If you can plan where you’d like everything to go, it will save you time and stress later on.

Shop around first 

You’ll be surprised how the costs of different materials can vary from place to place, so never buy something the first time you see it. Always look around at multiple shops or suppliers and compare the prices and the quality of materials.

Not only will shopping around guarantee you find the best deals but you’ll be exposed to various styles and designs you may not have previously considered.

Try diagonal paving 

Diagonal paving can give off an excellent effect which works particularly well in smaller gardens. If you want your backyard to stand out, it’s definitely something to consider! Slabs can be laid to create a diamond look or a unique edge.

If you go with this paving look, you must find a top concrete company. Edmonton Concrete is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, shows great attention to detail, and delivers outstanding concrete projects no matter the budget.

Recycle and reuse old furniture. This is one tip that’s both great for the planet and your wallet! Recycle old furniture in your gardens, such as chairs, tables, and bathtubs. You can re-purpose these items into planters or simply use them as decor.

Re-using vintage pieces can also give your garden a charming and rustic vibe if that’s a look you’re interested in. You’ll definitely fall in love with this sustainable way of decorating.

Have strong landscaped lines 
Robust landscaping always makes a garden appear modern and contemporary. Use a mixture of exciting materials, from stained wood decking to decorative stones and luscious green grass. This can give your backyard separated zones, no matter how tiny they may be.