1. For Biscuits With Perfect Shapes, Open The Dough On The Foil And Leave A Few Minutes In The Freezer Before Baking

Carrying the cut cookie dough to the baking sheet is always a delicate time, which usually ends up deforming your beautiful cookie. Open the money on the foil, cut it and bring the whole paper to the baking dish makes the process easier and increases your chances of success!

After this, leave the baking dish in the freezer for 10 minutes. This will stiffen the butter a little, preventing the dough from spreading when you start baking. Baked Comfort Food gives you more tips to decorate your tasty recipes.

2. If Your Cookies Do Not Look Perfect After Baking, Make A Fine Finish Using A Grater

For well-defined shapes, use a grater on the sides of the cookie. You can smooth and remove minor imperfections. Use a fine grater for best results.

3. Invest In A Bag Of Confectionery And Nozzle Adapters For More Accuracy In Decorating

For detailed decorations, using a confectionery bag is crucial. It will give you more firmness and safety to cooking. Oh, and using the nozzle adapter prevents the real icing from coming out of the pastry bag from the side of the spout while allowing you to swap the spout during the decor.

4. If Aesthetics Is What You Are Looking For, Use Real Icing

There are several options for decorating cookies, but for decorations rich in detail I do not think twice: real icing. You can make the recipe from scratch (a blend of egg whites and impalpable sugar), or buy the ready-made base.

The real icing dries and becomes hard and smooth, perfect for decorated biscuits. As you can easily adjust its consistency with water, you can do it very thick for details or more fluid to cover larger areas. If you want to create your own colours you can use base icing then you'll need food coloring gel to create the colours.

5. Use The Pipe And Flood Technique To Cover Your Cookies

This is perhaps the most commonly used technique, and for a good reason. It gives the cookie a uniform, professional-looking finish. To make the royal icing harder and use it to draw the outline, then let it more fluid by adding a little water and fill the inside of the drawing. The firmer edge will hold the frosting inside the design, and your decor will have an incredible finish.

6. Use A Needle To Draw Air Bubbles And Adjust The Fill

If the filling does not spread all over the surface, carefully covered it with the help of a proper needle for the decoration of cookies. And if any air bubbles appear, burst with the same needle. So, your cookie will have a perfect finish.

7. Use Water-soluble Gel Or Powder Dye For Bright, Bright Colors, Not Liquid

As the frosting is diluted in water, you should not use the liquid dye, but the gel or water-soluble powder. They are much more concentrated and do not change the texture of the icing.

8. Add Confectionery, Sugar And Granules As Decoration. In The Right Moment

Using coloured or grainy sugar is an excellent choice for decorating the cookie. But the right time to put them is significant. If the icing is still wet, the confection may lose its colour and stain the biscuit. So, the right time is when the icing is almost dry, just enough for the confectioners to stick together. Remember, after drying they will no longer adhere to the frosting.

9. Let The Cookies Dry Overnight Before Packing

The real icing dries fast, yes. But to be totally dry, firm and resilient, it takes a little more time. So, let it dry, discovered, from one day to the next so pack them later.

10. If Actual Icing Seems Too Complicated For You, Use Stencil

If you find that the actual icing decoration is too complicated, you can make beautiful cookies with powdered sugar. Use a stencil to create beautiful patterns in a practical and fast way. The idea is to use iced sugar.

Courtesy of: Bakedcomfortfood.com