Worpress.com To Self Hosted

So here’s the deal, people have started to migrate WordPress.com to a self-hosted platform. Did we just hear the word migration? Everybody is still moving to a new city, but here we are talking about the website creating a platform.

If any of you is under the impression that there is no distinction between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org, then give you some basis to clear the misconception.

The framework of WordPress.org (Self-hosted) Self-hosted is an open-source platform, often termed the “real WordPress.” This is the version where you shall find all the features and plugins WordPress has always known for.

There are no barriers to what changes you can or cannot execute; everything is entirely under the owner’s control.

The only thing that might crack you up is responsibility. As the control authority, you are responsible for all the updates, host purchasing, and software backup.

The framework of WordPress.com WordPress.com is like the brother of self-hosted only because it has been introduced to the market by the co-founder of WordPress.org.

All the responsibilities of updates and backups are vested in the developer. All you would need to do is pay a sum to purchase the plan.

The drawback would be that people can post free ads on the page unless and until they have a paid plan.

How did people react to the decision to migrate? Since you know the basics regarding both versions of WordPress, it would be easier to explain why and how people choose to migrate from WordPress.com to a self-hosted platform.

  • Reason No 1: Walking through the site as a free bird When we were talking, we already covered how the self-hosted platform allows the users to keep the backup of the data on their own. So whether to move the data to a different site depends on your decision. Even if you want to pick up themes, there are plenty more options regarding the self-hosted versions.
  • Reason No 2: Plugins: Mastering the game changers: All a robust website's powers are vested in plugins. They are the master players of any site, adding almost everything an audience would expect from you. The best part is that WordPress.org currently shelters about 30,000 free plugins. Just imagine the addition you would make to your website with those plugins and saving money simultaneously. With a large pool of plugins already present, the chances are high that your ideas and the plugin's functionality will meet at one point.
  • Reason No 3: The road to controlling advertisement campaigns: If you wish to be the master of your website, then Wordpress.com will be a long-term option. Because this is the place where people are allowed to display ads on your website without your permission, and you can hardly do anything about it. On the contrary, self-hosting shall not only let you control the ads but also indulge you in third-party advertising contracts. There is no charity case when it comes to displaying ads; instead, you can charge the advertisement programs to be on your website page. Lastly, the plugin comes into the picture, where you can manage your ads with the help of the best advertising plugins.
  • Reason No 4: Know the audience to serve the audience. Knowing your target audience is a great way to start off the business. But you have to progress in understanding them as you move along. There is only one way to do so, i.e., analytics. Here is the thing with WordPress.com, it has an excellent stats feature, but you need more than the results to judge the audience. The self-hosted platform shall let you dig deeper with the help of Google Analytics. Over and above this, you could also get third-party analytics like conversion optimization and A/B testing services.
  • Reason No. 5: Web property is the future of WordPress.org WordPress.com is a good platform for novice bloggers. As time passes, it is realized that a self-hosted platform beholds potential for the future.

If you want investments on your site or to sell web property, then WordPress.org is your thing.

Apart from all this, you are just on the right track to building a brand name with a self-hosted version of WordPress. Way to go on standing among the top bloggers or eCommerce websites.

In the final showdown CollectiveRay talks about not being taken away by the qualities of being self-hosted. Instead, plan your objectives. If you are focussing on a long-term establishment and aiming to gain monetary benefits, only then is it feasible to have self-hosted WordPress.

The websites started on a smaller scale but have outgrown to become a brand and have established contacts.

These 5 reasons profoundly explain what WordPress.org has to offer, which WordPress.com cannot give. So make a sound decision about whether to migrate after sorting your priorities.