Without tea, morning seems to be dull and worthless. A cup of black tea revives your stamina to move for packing up household works gleefully. Green tea is the source of youthfulness. Have natural green tea for resetting your mood, rejuvenate immune system and manage complicated health hazards nicely. However, you must enjoy drinking tea. While preparing tea, prioritize your taste and likelihood.

How to make your tea tasteful and spicy?

First of all, you need to confirm the quality of your basic tea leaf. If it is not up to the mark, no spice can make it better. So, make sure about the quality of the tea leaf. carstensens-tehandel.dk will help you to choose and get the best tea from all over the World.
Here we are presenting basic tips to have spicy tea which must not have any chemical additives.

Add Orange/Lemon to Tea

Cut lemon or oranges to use it as a special sweetener. The hygienic citrus juice needs to be poured into the cup. With a strainer, filtrate the lemon/orange juice removing pulp. Add a few drops of lemon or orange juice to the natural tea. It must change your taste buds.

Tea Mixed with Berries

A mixture containing blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries must enable you to suppress hunger. Well to have full-scale taste, blend this mixture with the green tea.  During summer seasons, this awesome tea must insulate your body from UV rays. It is heavenly soothing bliss to sip the awe-inspiring classic tea.


When you suffer from cold, you need to drink something spicy liquid. Hot tea is always favorable to ill patients who require strong stimulants. Well, doctors prescribe cinnamon with tea to energize yourself. Stir the loose flakes of cinnamon in the cup of hot tea and then start drinking slowly. It is wonderful herbal tea to treat your health.

If Not Sugar- Give Try to Honeysuckle with Green Tea

Honey is always a classic nutrient to people. It is the elixir for rebuilding health. However, it is also a useful component which can be combined with green tea. Many elegant persons opt for the sweetly fragrant flowers of honeysuckle for preparing a mixture. It is also taken with tea. The aroma coming from the tea makes you creative with excellent drinking experience.

Drink Chamomile Tea with Lemon Thyme

Expect extra fun and thrill by taking chamomile tea with lemon thyme. It will offer you a classic flavour which heats up your different parts.  Also, add the tiny amount of ginger, citrus, and chai to the herbal tea. It will help you to become resilient after working hard.

 Add Mint/Peppermint to Tea for Unforgettable Taste
Mint or peppermint is the home remedy for those people who suffer from cold often.  To overtake physical exhaustion, boredom, and loneliness, you must request sweetheart to help you to have tea with mint in the perfect amount. 

Ginger is a powerful medication for tackling severe nausea and flu. At home, people should include ginger to the recipe to prepare medicated health drink to consume. It must detoxify body cleaning sinuses. Ginger in tea must be fantastic to patients who have running nose and sinuses.

Maple Syrup
Your cinnamon tea will be delicious after mixing maple syrup with the liquid. The herbal tea cures you of many common symptoms. Have aromatic cinnamon tea which must have few droplets of maple syrup.

Feel Yummy -Drink Tea with Vanilla

It may sound a little bit unusual when you plan to select vanilla ice cream to prepare tea at home. Anyone can try to have dynamic experience. A cup of tea with toppings of vanilla ice cream should mesmerize you. It must be palatable and surprisingly digestive.