The rights management industry has its own complications, so finding a system that automates the information you need can save you valuable time. FilmTrack is the simplest yet most effective rights management solution on the market. It is the choice solution of over 250 significant networks and studios across the world, and given the time it saves them, it is easy to see why.

What is it that this company offers that makes it so appealing? Let's take a look to see what the fuss is about.

What Is FilmTrack?

It is easy to use a system that really shows how old Excel spreadsheets and similar old systems are. The FilmTrack Rights Management system lets you store everything in one place. It is also customizable, so you can filter reports by rights, territory, language, formats, and a lot more.

Also, it is simple to use, and you can create invoices as well as run financial reports, issue payments, and a lot more. Arguably its biggest asset, though, is the fact that you can store everything in the cloud.

Is It Reliable?

The product indeed is efficient, which is why it is trusted by so many reputable companies. The company is financially sound and has debt financing as well as an equity investment. FilmTrack is also the industry’s only SOC 1 and 2 compliant management system.

How Long Has FilmTrack Been In Business?

In business for over 20 years, FilmTrack’s expertise stretches across all areas of the entertainment industry. They have combined this experience with the technological knowledge to bring their vision together.

Who are FilmTrack’s Trusted Partners?

FilmTrack is also able to lean on the knowledge of other companies to make sure its own business is as effective as possible. Its consulting partners include big companies such as PWC and Cognizant, as well as technology partners that include the likes of SAP, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and more.

These all help to ease the process of integrating FilmTracks platform to your systems.

What Resources Does FilmTrack Offer?

FilmTrack’s website offers help with some of the key questions that concern industry insiders such as how royalty management is affected by the digital era. It even gives articles that go into how blockchain technology will change the future of intellectual property management.

Who Uses FilmTrack?

Companies the size of Miramax compliment them on how useful their systems are, so they are undoubtedly reputable. A lot of companies seem to talk about how the FilmTrack company really knows the industry and the processes linked to its requirements.

Why Should I Use FilmTrack?

If you are used to working with reliable companies, then you will know that reliability is priceless. Using a company that has served some of the industry's giants is always a right place to start, no matter what niche you are in.

As a company, FilmStruck financially sounds, so it is here to stay. Combine this with the fact that their systems are among the most efficient around, and you know you are in good hands.