Making high-quality custom embroidered patches is an art that not everyone can master. Though the making appears simple under the presence of apt machinery, with a fair amount of professional training, it is possible to make the patches.

Uses Of The Patches:

Usually, custom patches are used for team activities or by institutions or organizations. Motorcycle clubs, martial arts academies, sports teams, business organizations, military units, and camping and scouting units commonly use these patches. These patches are often used on jackets, duffle bags, and uniforms. 

Types Of Patches:

There is quite a bit of style that is available for your choices. You can pick the style that most suits your needs. The most common patches are embroidered patches, woven patches, printed patches, bullion crests, chenille patches, name patches, and blank patches.

Embroidery patches style:

This style is a well-known and most commonly used type. This style can be used in hats, jackets, and uniforms. This style will have a twill base, and with the help of the thread, the design is embedded in Embroidery. This patch type has three kinds of thread coverage: 50 percent, 75 percent, and 100 percent. The thread coverage percentage indicates the number of threads involved versus the twill that will be visible.

Woven patches style:

This patch type is made of threads, stitched to obtain a complex design. Instead of embroidery work in the material, thinner threads are woven together. This type is chosen when the design to be embedded is too complicated or intricate.

This type of patch is known for its ability to replicate photographic realism. Motorcycles, human faces, or landscapes can be achieved in a very realistic way.

Printed patches style:

This patch type is chosen when you have a great color appetite. Text, design, or photographs are printed on a blank twill material. Ink is used to blend the pattern into the material with the help of a dye sublimation process.

Bullion crests style:

This style is used when there is a need for a high-class finish. Metallic threads, beads, wire, etc., can be used in this style. This style is usually used by fraternal groups, military uniforms, and elite clubs. Only highly skilled artisans can perform this task. The expected finish cannot be attained when unskilled laborers are involved in the embroidery work.

When there is a bulk requirement or if you need the patches immediately, this patch type is not a good option because it consumes time for a quality finish.

Chenille patches style:

They are famously known as letterman patches. This type of style is usually used in sweaters and varsity jackets. The Chenille patch style has two layers; the bottom is made of feeling, and the upper layer is generally finished with a furry appearance.

This type is used when the patch needs to represent a state, country, or some sort of number or letter.

Name patches style:

Usually, name patches are used to display the names of companies or organizations; they act as professional identifiers and are commonly used on work shirts. You can also order Blank patches and carry out the embroidery work locally.

Since they are plain or involve just two or three colors, they are affordable compared to all other styles and can be delivered quickly.

Blank patches style:

This patch is found on local organization shirts, uniforms, and work shirts. They can be produced quickly and are our favorite option for deadline seekers. Initially, they need a design. They are just the twill material with borders. But any design can be printed on them later.

Here are a few tips to pick up a professional embroidery company:

  • Check how long they have been in the embroidery business.
  • They must be able to work according to your requirements.
  • They should be able to produce any sort of design that you suggest.
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