Are you a regular TV program watcher and do not wanna miss any of your favorite shows even on the go? Then, you are exactly in the right place. One of the best uses of keeping an Android smartphone or tablet is the portability of the device. This means you can carry it wherever you go, and that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in entertainment for you.
The mobile not only provides gaming, emailing, browsing the Internet, taking photos but now it is used to watch TV or Movies on the go, and unbelievingly, there are a plethora of Android TV apps. These apps enable you to look at a collection of content such as videos, photos, audio and lot more.
Let us start off by naming the top 3 android video applications that are really helpful.


The Popcorn Time APK is an apk specially designed for Android as a TV and movie streaming app gaining lots of popularity. Originally a program for Windows, the Popcorn Time Android app can now be used to stream the latest releases on your phone or tablet.
Though you will not find the app on the Play Store, you can download the Popcorn Time APK through the Users are already installing it in the millions.

What is the good Popcorn Time APK VPN?
For using the Popcorn Time for Android effectively you should have a VPN with these features which include high speed, a policy of not keeping activity logs, P2P downloading and a kill switch.

Is it legal to use popcorn time?
Popcorn Time software is in itself legal and as long as you use Popcorn Time for copyrighted content for your personal use and not share it, you are not breaking the law.


Bobby Movies Box apkis a prominent media application which can be used for watching online movies and TV shows in high quality. The app has got a bunch of hidden features which can revamp your live streaming experience.

What are the features of the Bobbly Movie APK?
The app has got features like instant streaming of videos, frequent updates of content, easy search for videos, bookmark your favorite videos, Full-screen mode for HD quality movies and filter titles on the basis of top genres.

Is it legal to use Bobby Movies APK?
Bobby movie box is regarded as illegal as you are streaming a movie/tv show without the original owner's permission but not to worry as for getting caught, however, the chances are none.

VidMate is an Android utility software application which acts as a video downloader for the smartphones, phablets, and tablets. The app allows you to download unlimited videos on your smart devices.

What are the features of the VidMate APK?
VidMate has got the best features like it has got the ability to download online videos, also get to edit videos in your free time and create cool compilation or effects. VidMate is equipped with a pre-installed MP3 converter which can be used to turn music videos into simple tracks, VidMate also offers the ability to choose the video quality that you want, and it can download any online videos in a matter of seconds.

Is it safe to download VidMate?
Yes, VidMate is safe to install but remember before providing your information it is good to download videos but not good to sign in to social media using it.