student accommodation
For a student pursuing a higher degree at a distant college or university, the choices of accommodation are plenty, each with its own pros and cons. It's reasonable to assume that choosing the perfect lodging is the stuff of nightmares and can further the complications of selecting a college in the first place!

May you find what you need, and all the best! You have the options of university halls, private student halls, and private accommodations to choose from. In contrast, you can live at home, but that will mean daily commuting and stricter house rules. This is where it gets knotty. We hope to clear a bit of the confusion cloud to help every student choose wisely.

For students pursuing a higher degree in Australia, Scape Melbourne student accommodations are the perfect "home away from home." London student accommodation will have different requirements. For those studying In Leeds, the Scape apartments will be just a short walk to the University of Leeds - find out more.

University Halls

These are university-managed and perfect in terms of forging friendships for life. They are conveniently located, or on-campus, so missing classes or events due to commuting issues is next to none.

  • There are no complications with utility bills and landlords, though you must pay the fees on time.
  • It's a social scene with loads of students together in one place
  • There will be a group of support staff with a cook, medical staff, janitor services, and university officials to help you out in distress


  • No choosing allowed for rooms, room-mates, and facilities
  • University halls are noisy and messy due to the high number of residents

Private student halls

The option of private student halls has been gaining momentum over the decade as many students opt for rooms in a purpose-built complex for student accommodation. The set-up is similar to university-managed theatres, but the facilities are privately owned. A student has the provisions for a room, communal spaces like the kitchen, and TV/recreation rooms.


  • It is similar to a university hall but with handy modifications like the presence of WiFi connectivity and a polished look
  • Located off-campus but packed with students from various institutions.


  • The only drawback of having plush living facilities is the extra expenditure. However, with competitive pricing facilities, you won't be bled dry; rest assured!

Private accommodations

Many students go it alone and opt for a more privately owned option of renting flats from a landlord or a letting agent. It is ideal for "independent" individuals.


  • The option of sharing is on you, and so is the flatmate selection. However, apartment rules might apply.
  • Complete independence and much quieter as like-minded individuals make for a great team and harmonious living.


  • High expenditure due to flat rents and utility bills. That will eat up into a student's home allowance and savings.
  • Dealing with a landlord might get tricky for some students; the chances are high anyway!

If you are living alone in a rented apartment, you might face troubles while facing medical emergencies, so keep your provisions handy.

How you live affects your wallet, so make a good decision. You might ruin your university fun!