You probably know every secret there is to know about couponing but did you know you can maximize your savings even further if you did coupon match-ups? This coupon insider technique gets you even better deals and amazing offers in a number of grocery and drug stores countrywide. Coupon match-up can be simply defined as the process of matching coupons to products on sale to make huge savings.

You don’t get stuff all year-round; therefore, if the opportunity comes knocking wouldn’t you grab it? There are a few tips and tricks that can ensure maximum results in this game. Here are 7 tricks that will make anyone do coupon match-up like a pro:

1. Know the stores you’d like to shop at

First things first, you have to know the exact store you hope to redeem your coupons at. Read all their coupon policies before you decide to go there to shop. By doing this, you know which coupons can be doubled or tripled for greater savings.

2. Find items on sale

You need to get aggressive here. Don’t just read your local newspaper, subscribe to ads via the mail or go over to the store’s website such as and print out their weekly ad. Look out for each item on sale and mark all other crazy discounts. Don’t forget to find products that have group discounts too.

3. A match-up like a pro

Use a coupon organizer to match the items on your list with any of your saved coupons. Drop by the store to see if you can come across more coupons. You can do this online if the store has a website.

4. Make a match up list

Make a list of all the deals you have so far managed to discover. Place them in different categories for easier management. Having a clear list makes shopping fun and straightforward.

5. Think outside the box

There are times the database doesn’t give you the coupons you had in mind. Roam the World Wide Web and find a ton of other unique resources such as coupons at If the store’s website doesn’t have the coupon, try looking for it on their social media pages.

6. Know when to accept defeat

Ever clicked on a printable coupon but couldn’t find it or got the “this coupon is no longer available” message? This is probably because the limit had been met. Many online printable coupons have such limits and the worst part is there’s no way of knowing when the limit has reached. When you encounter this problem, your best bet is to accept you were a little late this time around. There’s always the next time.

7. Understand the language of coupons

The coupon database uses a rather unique lingo that can leave you hanging. There are abbreviations in there that need interpretation. The first time using the database is certainly the hardest but once you do the match-up consistently, you will get the hang of it. Coupon forums can also lend a hand.

Coupon match-up can be highly rewarding and fulfilling not to mention very interestingly. Employ these tips and tricks and watch how much money you save in 2019!