There are many ways you can improve the quality of your life.

It might be something as simple as making sure you get enough sleep at night, or it might mean searching for the best potassium supplements to reduce an irregular heartbeat or combat lethargy.

By following the latest scientific studies, you can discover even more ways to improve your well-being!

Here are some of the latest discoveries that are relatively easy to implement in your day-to-day life, so you can start enjoying a higher quality of life today.

Isotretinoin Will Make Your Skin Clearer

We all want to put our best face forward. That’s an impossibility for those of us who have trouble with acne.

The good news is that there are treatments that work. Isotretinoin is one of those treatments.

It can be prescribed by a dermatologist to help clear up your acne right now, but the future of Isotretinoin is only just getting started. It has been discovered that it alters the skin’s microbiome.

That means it allows for the possibility of introducing new, healthier microbes to the skin that can reduce or eliminate acne, especially for people who have greasy skin.

Don't be surprised, if, in the near future, you see additional treatments that utilize this form of Vitamin A to help you manage your acne more effectively.

Cut Back on Drinking and You Can Cut Back on Smoking

Looking to cut back on smoking? It’s a hard habit to break.

You should use everything at your disposal to be as successful as you possibly can be. It turns out, that means cutting back on your drinking too.

Reduced drinking is associated with reduced smoking because the nicotine metabolite ratio is reduced. Why does this matter?

The nicotine metabolite ratio indicates how quickly a person's body metabolizes nicotine. Heavy drinkers metabolize the nicotine in their system much faster than those who don't drink.

By not drinking, you can develop a lower nicotine metabolism ratio, which means you'll reach for those cigarettes a lot less often.

Draw to Improve Your Memory

  • Who doesn’t want to improve their memory?
  • You don’t have to be a senior to have trouble with your memory. 
  • No matter what your age, chances are, you’ve forgotten where you put your keys or the name of the person you just shook hands with. If you’re worried about your memory going south, there’s good news. Improving your memory is as easy as drawing.
  • You don’t have to be good at it either! 
  • Regardless of the quality of your artwork, you're still working a variety of areas of your brain. 
Drawing requires you to use visual, spatial, verbal, semantic, and motor functions, and activating all of these areas is essential to improving your memory.

Another benefit of this memory improving technique is that it is easy to get started. 

All you need is a notebook and a pencil and you can start improving your memory today!

Slow Down the Aging Process by Reducing Stress

Most of us just accept the fact that our memory and other areas of our lives decline as we age. Research is showing getting old doesn’t have to mean what we think it means.

Super Agers are people who seem to defy the normal senior stereotypes. They remain vibrant and lively well into old age. Although it’s true that your genes have something to do with it, stress can have a huge effect on how quickly you age.

Stress physically makes us older. Chronic stress leads to a buildup of cytokines, that over time, can harm the body's own cells. In addition, chronic stress can accelerate ageing by impairing mitochondria and shortening chromosomes' telomeres.
Cut out the stress and you can slow down the ageing process! 

A few stress-busting tips include:
  • Cultivate gratitude so you can better cope with life's stresses.
  • Develop mindful response mechanisms that can be used to deal with stress.
  • Maintain a social network of close friends and family members who can help you through stressful situations.
  • Getting regular exercise can produce endorphins, which can make dealing with stress easier.
  • Meditation and taking time for yourself can provide you with much-needed time away from life’s stresses.
  • New discoveries are being made all the time, and many of those discoveries can help you live a better life right now! 
Whether you’re worried about your memory, breaking bad habits, or living happily well into old age, the latest scientific discoveries on this list will enable you to live your best life now and in the future.