Shoveling Snow From The House
Do you live in areas where the buildup of heavy snowfall is what you must deal with around the year? While the white layer of snow looks attractive to many, it can severely damage areas like patios, walkways, and driveways and pose risks to your property.

So, how will you clean the rake and snow buildup? Perhaps by climbing the roof with a shovel! While many people rely on shovels, when it comes to removing snow, it is pretty dangerous and is also very time time-consuming.

Est solution: using snow roof rakes! Snow roof rakes are only the best but are also one of the safest ways to remove snow from your property. Here we have listed some of the best snow rakes and also put in some of the most important things you should consider when buying them:


The material is one of the most important factors when purchasing a snow rake. Not only the high-quality material will affect the performance, but it will also make raking easy and swift. Stick to plastic material if you want something lighter and gentler on the roof. However, if you want something durable, you can pick aluminum.

The Handle Of The Stick :

The handle of the snow rake will determine how easy it would be for you to rake the snow. So, pick the one with a sturdy handle. Go for longer handle rakes and make sure they are bendable. Unlike stiff stems, the bendable one will allow vertical moments. You can also pick the telescopic handle design, which will help you quickly alter the length.

Extension Rods:

They are convenient, making it easy for you to reach complex parts of the home. Also, they can become a replacement for the damaged or lost rod. Besides, they are convenient to use.

Some Of The Best Roof Rakes Are:

  • Garelick Aluminium Snow Roof Rake: With wide blades that will help clear a large area and the roller grids to make swift and natural moments, you can use Garelick rakes to remove snow. 
  • Snow Joe Rake: This particular snow rake solves all snow situations. It's light in weight and also features the twist-n-lock feature to clear the top and other areas. You can also use it to clean leaves and debris from the roof. You can also use it to clean leaves and debris from the top. 
  • Avalanche Roof Rake: The avalanche roof rake can remove tons of snow in just a few minutes. Its four-part construction helps to protect roof shingles and other surfaces without using any other tool. 
  • Xtreme Power Snow Rake: Xtreme Power Snow Rake is a 21-foot rake that makes the ideal rake for porch roofs and other inaccessible areas. It’s sturdy, durable, and easy to use. It is made from aluminum and is light in weight. Besides, its 25" x 6" blades offer tremendous clearing power to help you remove snow quickly. 
  • Minnsnowta Dynamo Roof Rake: MinnSNOWta is the fastest, safest, and easiest roof rake that helps remove snow by standing on the ground. It can reach as far as 24 feet with efficiency and effectiveness. Besides, it is made from durable aluminum and has aircraft-grade aluminum blades for complete and effective cleaning. 
  • Hopkins Heavy-Duty Snow Rake: This Hopkins heavy-duty snow rake offers a clearing head to offer deep snow clearing. Made from durable aluminum, it will swiftly remove heavy snow quickly. Besides, its telescopic handle offers neat touch and is ideal for occasional use. 
Pick anyone and protect your home from the snow! Pick anyone and protect your home from the snow! So which one would you pick? Well, it takes time to decide; if you want a practical and helpful snow rake, Avalanche is the best. But if you need something sturdy, the Xtreme Power snow rake is for you.