renting an office

If you own a startup, looking for an office in London can be daunting. You may never know to seek the best one since London is arguably big.

However, that should encourage you to continue your course. The process can be natural if you follow the rules and guidelines we will discuss today.

Remember, your office is vital in ensuring that business continues as usual. Therefore, what are the things that you should consider when renting an office from
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The location should be a priority 

First, before anything else, you must look for a good place in the city. The area should promote the business, which is your main reason for renting space.

Nonetheless, if your business mainly functions on the internet, you may not have to worry about the location. Understand the reputation of that area, the security, business rivalry, transport within the city, and the traffic within that area.

Brick-and-mortar stores should pick a place where people can quickly notice the premises.

The cost of renting. 

Other than renting or leasing, you will have to consider other factors. For instance, the cost of repair and maintenance, among other amenities.

Most proprietors will ask for a security deposit, which could mean that you should pay up to six months of rent. The owner may ask you to provide your bank statements and balance sheets. Let the property owner sign a non-disclosure agreement as soon as possible.

Other crucial fees you must pay include attorney fees, furniture costs, and insurance.

How much space do you require? 

The first thing when you consider space is if that space will allow your company to grow business-wise. Besides, think of the following elements:
Consider the area you will provide to each employee and extra space for storing products. Besides that, keep in mind that amenities such as a kitchen and washrooms should be close enough to save staff time looking for water and other resources.
Be sure that you will have divided the space adequately to fit the furniture your office will require.

Consider the utilities available 

When renting the area, do not focus on the interior only. Stand next to the window and check the resources your business will require, especially outside.

If you attract many customers, you must consider the space. Lack of parking space can encourage some to move to other businesses. Examine how strong the telephone signal is from that place, the restaurants around that area, and other regional facilities.

Make sure that the security is good. A gate pass is a certain way of preventing thieves from stealing people’s vehicles.


As much as you have to consider clients, it is also wise to consider the stakeholders who will visit your office. Therefore, while designing the look of your space, ensure that it will look presentable to them and that it will promote your business.