BITS is considered as one of the top colleges for engineering in India. BITSAT is an entrance exam for taking admission into the BITS universities. The entrance exam, like every year, will be conducted in the third week of May. So, five months of preparation is left to get into these colleges.

The exam will be held in an online mode. It is conducted in five parts. They are Physics, Mathematics/Biology, Chemistry, Logical reasoning, and English proficiency. With a few months to go now, students are wondering what to prepare. Continue reading the article to find some preparation tips for BITSAT so that you can be ready to face the exam in May 2019.

Choose Your Goal

The best way to start the preparation for anything is by setting goals. BITSAT is a very competitive exam and that is why it is important to know the cutoff beforehand so that you can prepare for it. Generally, a score of more than 300 is considered a safe score to get an admission into BITS. But this might not be the safe score for your desired stream. Thus, try and achieve more than 320 and you can have a good chance of choosing from your dream department. You should try and score on the better side of the 300 to be in the best branches at BITS.

Exam Simulation

The best way to practice for any exam is by giving multiple mock tests. For BITSAT also, there are many options available online as well as offline. You can use these resources to your advantage and make better use of it. BITSAT is an online exam, while most students till 12th exam have only given paper-based exams. Thus, prepare yourself with the environment before giving the actual BITSAT.

Make a schedule of mock tests that you need to give before the exam. Usually, 25-30 mock tests are considered enough to have a grip over any exam. Same applies for BITSAT as well, make sure that while giving the mock test, the environment should resemble the one in the actual test. This will make you habitual of the exam and during the D-day, you will be ready!

Be an All-Rounder

BITSAT exam is divided into five parts. Thus, it becomes important that you focus on each and every section. Many students appearing for this exam have already been studying the core subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Maths/Biology. But there is another section as well which are asked in the exam. Focus on them as well, particularly English proficiency. This section consists of 15 marks and in the end, it can be the difference maker in the cutoff.

The reason for this is many students rely on their past learning for this section and often ignore the preparation. As the weight of this section is high, you should score high to get above the cut-off. Check some good preparation books online and make a regular habit of solving this section.

Time Administration

You need to be accurate and precise while managing the time in the main exam. This can be a real headache for many students. In other exams, the situation is different. And that is why you need to take extra care before the exam. One way of doing this is to have enough practice of the exam situation. Practice daily and make sure that you reduce the mistakes you were making make some notes, develop some short tricks.

The exam has negative marks for all the wrong answers you give. So, take care of this while you are preparing to crack BITSAT. The NCERT books will be enough to help with the concepts for the exams. Make sure that you do all these things to regularly achieve your dream college.