Mobile networks are usually on the receiving finish of angry customers who feel they're not treated fairly.

Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom have return vulnerable for a variety of reported issues, from “disappearing data” to being signed up for WASPs while not their permission.

Other complaints that are usually posted on-line include poor customer service, not having complaints resolved, and in Telkom’s case customers not being able to cancel contracts.

Worst-rated operators

To see how mobile networks are fairing in terms of customer reviews, we checked out the latest ratings on Hellopeter.

Hellopeter describes itself as South Africa’s top reviews company and lets users read reviews online from customers who have rated a company’s services – from one to five stars.

Hellopeter additionally provides practicality for users to produce specific complaints and list their issues, or give regeneration a few smart experiences.

Companies will then choose to have a profile on Hellopeter and supply feedback to users.

The table below lists the “star” ratings of Cell C, MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom on Hellopeter at the time of writing. It additionally lists the companies’ “TrustIndex” score out of ten.

The Hellopeter TrustIndex could be a means for customers to “determine however credible a business is”.

It is calculated by staring at a company’s average review star ratings, time to reply, the Bayesian average, and review depreciation over time, same Hellopeter.

It should be noted that Rain Mobile was excluded because it only had nine reviews.

Hellopeter Ratings
CompanyRating (5)TrustIndex (10)
Cell C1.812.5