Wall Mounted TV Stand
An entertainment wall is a perfect way to design your living room in this modern age. This attraction not only suits the eye but also offers much more space. This extra space can be used to decorate your living room to your liking.

MMDecorating a wall within your living room is fun. Any people enjoy having options for decorating without worrying about big furniture. Especially if they have to decorate a small space. u will see this once you begin to decorate your living room with your wall, mounted Tv in mind.
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Choose the right 

TV for you The first thing you want to do is to choose the perfect TV. The TV’s come in a variety of sizes and brands. The ideal TV for you will fit into the wall space you have. What you need to do is to measure the available wall space. Once you know the size you must work with, you can purchase your TV. If you already have a TV, alll you need to do is choose a wall space that will fit, leaving room for the decor.

The Wall Mount So, you have your 

TV and the space that you will put it all picked out. Next, you need to learn how to install a wall-mounted tv stand. This can be pretty simple, but you need guidance to avoid damaging your wall. Once this is done, the next step is the decor.

Ideas to decorate around your wall-mounted TV

Design the Wall 

The wall the TV is mounted on will be the focal point in the room. You will want to go all out on the wall to further accentuate your TV. Do this to your personal preference. Some basic ideas are:
Add Wall-Mounted Boxes Wall mounted boxes will serve as open or closed cabinets and a lovely decor piece. On these shelves, you can place other gadgets you may have, such as:
  • TV Boxes
  • Game/Play Stations
  • Internet Boxes

Other Wires and products

Add Open Wall or Tall Standing Shelves Open shelves are a great decor item and serve as a base for other decorative items. On these shelves, you can place trophies for display, family phones, books,, or just things that need storage. Shelves are a great way to add extra space to your living room.
Add Wall Art: If you love art, a wall-mounted Tv will be the perfect place to display your refined taste. If you center your TV, you have two open sides to design with all the chosen art pieces you love.


Painting is a simple and effective decorative option. You can paint the wall on which your TV is mounted in a different color from the rest of the room. This will bring attention to your TV.

Design the room 

Designing the entire room is another way of bringing attention to your wall-mounted TV and decorating it. You can leave the wall as is and then create the space to your liking. Or you can create both. Some simple options are:

Colorful Furniture 

You can add colorful furniture to match the plainness of the wall. Brightly colored couches will accentuate a plain white wall.

Add a center table 

Now that you have more space, add a lovely center table. This will be great for resting popcorn or other movie condiments.

Designing your room with a wall mounted 

TV is a simple and fun activity to do. You can even make this a family activity, especially during the holidays. Decorate to your taste, and share the results in the comment section below.