With new mobile phones launching every year, we tend to get confusedabout buying the latest one or sticking to our old one! Well in such case, selling your older model to get a comparatively newer one is the best decision that one can make. iPhones get old too quickly as compared to the Android phones, especially Samsung phones. This article would let you know the amazing facts about the newest Android version Android 9.0 (Pie).
Android OS does its best to serve its users by launching new updates in the software every now and then. These software updates make the phones running on them more efficient. Apple on the other hand also tries to keep up with its iOS and it also tries to launch improvement in the iOS. Since their inception Android had launched 9 versions and Apple launched 12 versions of their respective operating software.
Each of the versions launched by these both had something unique to offer. The competition between Android and Apple is neck to neck in terms of the best software. Android 9.0 (Pie) serves the users with such improvements that would make you sell your iPhones at the moment and switch to an Android phone with Android version 9.0 (Pie). And what would be a better place to find the best price for your iPhone other than a reliable mobile phone recycling comparison website.
Below are some of the breath-taking advancements that Android 9.0 (Pie) has to offer:
    Saves Your Battery:
The most common issue that every smartphone user has is the issue of battery drainage. To your surprise, Android did its best to nullify the problem of battery drainage in the newest update. This software makes your phone adjust the usage of different applications in such a way that the applications that are not in use at an instance don’t drain battery of your phone.
We all know about the problem of battery drainage due to the applications that run in the background. Well if you own a phone with Android 9.0 (Pie) then you wouldn’t have to bear this problem of battery drainage.
    Brightness Adjustment:
We all have been there; when we are at a sunny place and the brightness of our mobile’s screen is too low to look at or when we are in a dark place and the brightness of our phone blinds us. These are two of the most annoying moments that we have to face.But guess what! You wouldn’t have this problem in Android 9.0 (Pie).
Android designed this new software update in such a way that your phone remembers your brightness preferences and adjusts them according to the situation that you are in without bothering you anymore.
    User’s Priorities:
Believe it or not, the new Android version 9.0 knows about your priorities and preferences. With this software, your phone knows when to suggest certain things to you i.e. commute to your office, your work routine and the time you listen to songs.
Your phone knows everything now, and it tries its best to make your day easier by performing your tasks for yourself and also by suggesting the ways to you to do so!
    Increased efficiency:
Certain applications on your mobile phone are easier to use through Android 9.0 (Pie), this feature is added to the new Android version just to increase your productivity throughout the day. There are specific apps that can be accessed through Maps on your phone i.e. Uber, etc. For this, if you search for a specific destination on the Maps application on your phone, and ask for the directions.You would have an option to see the travel costs you would have to bear on Uber to go to that certain place. If you are willing to do so, you can book your ride through Maps application.
     Intuitive Navigation:
This feature in the latest Android version also increases your productivity throughout the day, as this feature allows the users to switch between the apps without using the buttons. Your phone is now much smarter and it follows you commands just by your gestures. The applications are now previewed in vertical form (as that in iPhones) instead of being previewed horizontally as before.
Moreover, it doesn’t only show the pictures of applications, you can actually copy text from a certain window and paste it in another one.
    Digital Wellbeing:
You would have to admit that Android knows that technology shouldn’t be there to distract you, whilst it should help you in your daily chores. In this new version of Android, it set up certain tools that help you in your daily life.
    Check and Balance:
In today’s world, we are obsessed with using social media applications. Over-usage of these applications isn’t good at all. Android knows this concern, and it tried its best to improve your efficiency. In the dashboard option of your phone, you can now check the usage history of applications in your phone. So now you wouldn’t have to wonder ‘how much time have I spent on Facebook?’ as Android 9.0 (Pie) would record it for you.
    App Timers:
Android 9.0 (Pie) doesn’t only let you check the time you have used on certain applications, it also helps you to get off from these apps once you have reached the time limit. You can set the time limits for different applications yourself through the settings app in your phone. Your phone would let you know when you have crossed the limit of using the specific app and it would turn the app icon grey.
    Do not Disturb To a Whole Different Level:
Do not disturb mode in Android 9.0 (Pie) became more interactive. Android did its best to make sure that if the phones are on do not disturb mode, then they don’t disturb the users at all. This is the reason that now on this mode, the screen of your phone becomes grey. You can set the timing for this mode and let your phone put itself on do not disturb mode without your help.
    Theme Colour:
In Android 9.0 (Pie), you can actually select the theme colour that appears behind the applications menu of your phone. Previously, the background colour of this window was selected automatically according to the colour scheme of your wallpaper, but now you can choose to have a light or a dark theme for this.
    Bluetooth Connection:
With Android 9.0(Pie) you can share your files with five other devices simultaneously unlike the former Android version. Now you can choose the devices you want to share your music with.
All of the points discussed above are the latest features added by Android in its latest version 9.0 (Pie). You cannot find many of these features if you are an iPhone user. iPhones are good, but they are not as good as Android 9.0 (Pie).
iOS 12.1 offers you with many advantages and features, but still while using an iPhone, the user doesn’t feel as free as in an Android. So you would feel a lot of more freedom if you switch to an android that possesses Android 9.0 (Pie).
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