Travel Insurance Plan

Travel insurance for international and domestic trips is somewhat considered unnecessary by Indian travelers. It is generally presumed that nothing unfortunate would happen, often undermining the significance of why every traveler should get his trip insured.

In actuality, eventualities can knock anytime. Buying travel insurance for your trip, mainly abroad, is a significant aspect of a journey that should be taken seriously. Having the right travel insurance policy can save you a fortune, given exorbitant medical fees overseas in the event of an emergency.

Answering the Why: Life is unpredictable, and so can your travel plans. A travel insurance policy is essential for domestic and international travel to cover unforeseen circumstances - like medical/ health emergencies, lost baggage, missed flights, loss of passport/documents, personal liabilities, and hijack and repatriation.

It also covers non-refundable things in case you fall sick before your trip, the demise of someone close, or even natural calamities. There are multiple plans, and the coverage amount varies too. So, you can compare travel insurance policies online from at least 2-3 insurance companies and decide which one will best suit your needs.

For local travel, you're not driving your travel trailer; you aren't required by law to have travel trailer insurance on a vehicle you tow with a car or truck. Most travel trailer policies include comprehensive coverage. It's up to you to add collision, but most financers require you to carry both.

The trick lies in purchasing foolproof travel insurance that offers timely compensation in case of an emergency situation. The eternal question, whoever remains: How to compare and finalize the right travel insurance plan that meets most of your requirements.

Several factors need to be considered while buying travel insurance online, as follows:

  • 1. Comparison - Evaluate what you need and research other private international medical insurance companies' backgrounds, records, and customer reviews. After analyzing the benefits and suitability, you can determine which one better secures your travel needs. 
  • 2. Types of Insurance - There are different insurance plans for international travel, domestic travel, family travel, student travel insurance, and senior citizens. Those 65 and above can choose an old citizen plan, allowing coverage for prior illness in certain conditions and fortuitous death.
  • 3. Duration of the Stay/Travel - The longer your journey, the more significant the premium and vice versa. You can also choose from yearly travel insurance premiums if you frequently fly for business purposes. People who travel for leisure can also take an insurance policy.
  • 4. Age limit - Risk cover varies with an age limit. If someone is 20-25, that person might get less insurance coverage than someone 50 years and above. The severity of the illness varies with age and medical travel insurance plans.
  • 5. Medical Exclusions - Your insurer should know about your current medical conditions to inform you about a suitable travel insurance policy. Some insurance companies may agree to cover your medical needs. Sometimes, they may even take some extra premium or disagree with including specific conditions. 
  • 6. Destination - In India, travel insurance is comparatively less expensive than in other countries. So, in this case, the premium will vary if you travel to the United States or Thailand. That is why it is essential to choose your travel insurance plan according to the country you are traveling to or planning to visit. 
  • 7. If You Are Doing Any Adventurous Sports - If you love adventure and plan to take up extreme adventure sports like skydiving or scuba diving, you can buy specific travel insurance that covers adventure sports. 
Remember, normal sports activities like skiing, biking, swimming, horse riding, or any action that may put your life at risk are also covered in such plans. Basic travel insurance policies usually do not cover adventure sports. 

Based on your priorities, you can compare travel insurance policies online and choose the one that will give you maximum coverage. Avoid falling into a cheap or very economical approach; ensure it gives you enough health insurance coverage in case of a mishap.

A good travel insurance policy protects you from pitfalls such as trip delay or cancellation and loss of passport and baggage. If your travel itinerary is long and your air ticket is also non-, it is wise to have travel insurance coverage. If you want medical insurance when traveling abroad, check Covertrip for more about travel insurance coverage in 2024.

And if you travel regularly, it is advisable to buy an annual plan as it will be a more convenient and cheaper option for you. It will cover you for a year during both personal and business travel.

It is handy when a medical emergency occurs, or you have an accident during your trip. Moreover, with the cashless facility, you can save yourself from shelling out hundreds of dollars in an unknown country. 

Over To You!

As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry! We all make our bookings much in advance to save some money on flight bookings. But it's essential to calculate the safety measures along with your travel. Buying travel insurance doesn't take a fortune; it's just a portion of your travel expenses. If you think wisely and enjoy a safe journey to your destination, you should indeed plan to buy travel insurance online for your next trip.