We all know that cats require fresh drinking water every day to support optimal well-being. Water is crucial for helping the kidneys remove toxins from the blood and for travelling oxygen through the bloodstream to the cells. Thus, water is a key element for the cat's body which maintains tissue hydration and keeps organ tissues healthy. A cat owner must have a cat water feeder to keep their cat hydrated, which helps in better digestion as well.

Well, one of the best ways to provide your furry friend with a fresh source of water is buying a cat drinking water fountain. Today, most veterinarians recommend cat fountains and confirm their beneficial impact on the cat's health. However, some cat parents still doubt whether it is safe to purchase such fountains for their favourites!

In this article, we explain the benefits of water fountains and the main reasons why not all water fountains are equally good for felines.

Why choose a cat drinking water fountain?

  • Water fountains have actually a lot of benefits for both cats and cat parents.
  • First of all, a cat fountain is a constantly moving water source and water in this fountain is much healthier for your furry pal than water standing in a bowl. Thanks to a pump, a cat fountain works and keep water always clean and well-oxygenated.
  • Moreover, cat drinking water fountains are equipped with filters, including a carbon filter which flushes out all the impurities and makes water fresh, pure and clear.
  • Besides, when it is really hot outside, your cat tries to keep his body cool and can use a water fountain for this purpose.
  • Remember, it is vital to provide your feline fresh water all the time and give him the option to moisten his coat if necessary.

Benefits of a water fountain for cats:

  • Cats can drink always clean and fresh water (most cats don't like drinking still, stagnant water).
  • Cats are quite picky about what they eat and drink, so water in a cat fountain is constantly free of smells or tastes.
  • The water movement in a fountain stimulates felines to drink.
  • It is handy for cats to drink from a water fountain.

Benefits of a water fountain for cat parents:

  • You don't need to monitor all the time if there's some water in your cat's water bowl.
  • You should no longer force your cat to drink.
  • You provide your furry friend with a quality source of constant fresh water.
  • You need no longer worried that your cat will tip his bowl over and be left without water again.

Are drinking fountains safe for a cat?

  • Most cat owners agree that a cat fountain is one of the greatest inventions for our four-legged friends since the litter-box. It is really comfortable and useful. However, being a cat parent, you should be very careful in choosing a good water fountain for your favourite. 
  • When it comes to cat fountain safety, only one thing is certain: if you choose a high-quality stoneware cat fountain for your favourite, it will be safe!
  • The best option for cats is a stoneware (ceramic) water fountain. Firstly, a ceramic water fountain doesn't scratch. It doesn't affect a taste of water and doesn't hold onto smells like a plastic one. By the way, such a cool fountain is easy to clean and there's a huge variety of ceramic cat fountains that can be adapted to any interior or size of the room. So, a stoneware water fountain is really safe and ideal for maximum hygiene and comfort.
  • A plastic water fountain is the least safe one. The only advantage of a plastic cat fountain is its lower price and, unfortunately, that's all! And don't forget that your cat can experience an allergy to plastic! Is a cat allergic to plastic? Of course, yes! Some cats are allergic to plastic and any contact with plastic products can lead to serious health problems.
Well, a cat water drinking fountain is a great solution for your feline. This useful attribute has many advantages both for your four-legged pal and you. But be attentive when selecting a cat fountain because not all the fountains have equal safely and be healthy for your cat!

Written by Amanda Thompson https://catspurfection.com/