There are many lawyers in the world. They all offer different services depending on what fields they have specialised in. Sometimes you might assume that you don’t need an attorney by your side. However, this concept changes once you set foot in the court of law. Attorneys are there to help you and guide when the law seems to be against you, this is according to They have proper knowledge of the law more than you do, so chances are they will work faster compared to if you are representing yourself. For example, if you were arrested in possession of marijuana. What would your first reaction be? You need to be aware that in some states, smoking or possession of marijuana is illegal. Even if you are not the owner of the marijuana, you will still get in trouble with the law. This is an example of some of the cases whereby you will need a dependable criminal attorney who understands such cases. However when hiring such an attorney, here are some things you should evaluate;

1. Location

As a person in need of legal advice, you need to consider hiring someone who is close to you. A criminal attorney operating within your site will understand the rules put up by your state. Thus he or she will be able to guide you accordingly. Some states might permit the use of marijuana and others might not. You will need a lawyer who is in your state to understand this and explain to you the available options. Also, a criminal attorney who is close to you will find it easy to access to you and to the courthouse. If he or she stays far away, then traffic jams can cause terrible delays.

2. Legal fee

The other concept you need to discuss is the legal fee. This is necessary because there is no way you can work without having a financial agreement. In the agreement, always ensure you have addressed the basic things such as when and how the money is supposed to be paid. Some attorneys prefer getting an upfront payment before they can start your case. It is tough for possession of marijuana lawyer to get started on a case without the client showing any form of commitment. The best commitment is paying the required deposit.

3. Qualities and reputation

The other concern you should always look into is their overall reputation and personal qualities. You need to be able to trust your lawyer and tell him or her the truth. It is tough for a lawyer to win a case without knowing the truth about the whole situation. So, find yourself a criminal attorney who isn't going to judge you, instead, he or she will defend you to the last day in court. So, if you have been arrested for a criminal offence, don’t panic. By hiring the right attorney, you will be able to get the best legal representation.