A basic chocolate celebration layer cake is an essential part of a baker’s repertoire! Professional bakers all around the world would say it’s not just baking, but equal pieces of science and art. And it will be the truth. A celebration layer cake is baking, engineering, and architecture all combined into one delicious treat.

We will let you in on some baking secrets! The base recipe here is a chocolate cake. There is buttermilk to make the texture tender, butter, and oil combination to keep the moisture and the "chocolate-y" part? Well, that's actual chocolate mixed with cocoa. The mixing of the “sponge” can be done the traditional way or by the reverse creaming method of Rose Beranbaum of Real Baking with Rose Fame. So you need a supply of cakes and pastries for an occasion, or you are on the lookout for the best chocolate cake in Singapore - Temptations Cakes Shop is your one-stop solution.

Here in this article, you can get a glimpse inside the art of chocolate celebration layer cake baking, professional style!

About reverse creaming

You might have been wondering, what exactly is reverse creaming? If you are dying to try out this method of mixing in your kitchen, here it goes. Mix the dry ingredients along with the sugar are mixed in oil and butter, and then slowly the wet ingredients are added; the eggs, buttermilk, melted chocolate and coffee/cocoa. It is precisely the reverse of the traditional method of creaming. With reverse creaming the oil and butter coats the dry ingredients thus stopping gluten formation and you have a soft cake. If you get it right, you will still produce enough gluten to result in a neatly structured cake.

What's more, reverse creaming is so efficient that it is hard to over-mix! It is the perfect method for a stack build as the layers bake evenly.

The level 1 cake

It is the beginner baker level cake. This single tier cake is an excellent chocolate cake baked usually on a 13×9" sheet. The cake is frosted with the whipped cream, and the tried and tested formula works like a charm every time. An outside the box thinking is to garnish the cake with cocoa dust.

The level 2 cake

This one is more the intermediate level baker. It is a double tier chocolate cake baked on two 9" circular cake pans. The cake works best with whipped ganache icing. You can never go wrong with ganache, can you? It’s simple to prepare and far superior in taste compared to the basic frosting available. Icing can be done just in between the layers and at the top.

Level 3

It is for the expert baker. The triple-tiered cake is usually a simple one level upon its predecessor but split lengthwise, a method is known astorting! Thus you get 4 thinner layers with a neat trick. You can use Nutella or French buttercream along with chocolate ganache as the frosting.

And all this is just a start. Bon App├ętit!