Each year many new smartphones hit the market and the temptation to buy new phones is getting stronger each passing day. Though most people prefer using the same phone for at least two to three years and reports second this fact, still there are a lot of mobile phones loitering in cupboards of the people. To transfer iOS data across iDevices and PC, try the best iPhone Manager"

As billions of mobile phone get sold each year, this figure is getting higher as well. And here comes the main question that what should we do with our old smartphones? I asked the same question to my friend that what should I do with my old phone and he replied that sell iPhone. And to me, I think it is the best answer.

Many of us do sell mobile phones to get money, and with that money, we can buy the things we want. Most people purchase new phones after trading or selling the old ones. But still, there are millions of old mobile phone devices which are gathering dust around them and steadily ending their lifespan. This ‘waiting’ also depreciates the value of these smartphones.

So, to make most out of your old iPhone, it is best to sell it asap. And before selling your smartphone, there are certain things you should do to make sure that you are selling your phone at the best place and for the best value. In this article, I have shared some best ways to sell your iPhone. It is a kind of a beginner's guide to sell iPhone.

Deciding to get rid of

It always feels great and soothing to clear the old stuff from your cupboard. While making the old stuff, you would probably think to sell some junk. And if you find your old iPhone in the cupboard, it is best to sell it.

There are many advantages to selling an old mobile phone rather than keeping it in the closet for many years. If you do not want to sell, then make sure to use it anyways, for instance giving to your younger sibling or donating it to charity. But if you have the plan to sell it then make sure to sell it asap because delaying it only lower the value of your old device.

How much your old iPhone is worth?

As a smartphone user, you should know that an excellent condition iPhone with all the original accessories is worth more than a scuffed iPhone with no original accessories. But you can still get the maximum price for your old iPhone and for that, you have to do a little research and think out of the box.

Carrier unlocked iPhones are worth more

Remember, carrier unlocked iPhones are worth more than carrier-locked iPhones. A network unlocked iPhone means that particular iPhone is open for all networks and you can use any network’s SIM card in that iPhone. So, if your iPhone is carrier unlocked, then you will undoubtedly get more cash for it compared to the network locked iPhone.

Check the Condition of your old iPhone

As you are selling your old iPhone, it might have scratches or damages on it. So look out for any scratches or scuffs on the phone. Remember, the lesser your phone has damages, higher the amount you will get for it.

Preparing your iPhone for Sale

Before selling your iPhone, you have to do some critical steps. These steps are mentioned below.

Do a Basic Function Test

When you take out your old iPhone from your cupboard, the next thing you should do is to perform a necessary function test. This function test will ensure that your iPhone’s hardware and software, both are in good working condition.
  • Turn On your old iPhone: First of all, start the test by turning on your device. Press the power button and turn on your iPhone. When the screen turns on, move on to the next step. And don’t forget to insert your SIM card in your iPhone before turning it on. 
  • Test the Charging port: Plug-in the charger in your iPhone’s charging slot and charge your device. Charge your iPhone to the maximum level. Because you will need battery life to do other function tests. 
  • Test the Volume and Mute Buttons: When charging is complete, disconnect your iPhone from the charging slot and check the volume and mute keys. Press the volume keys one by one and look for the volume notification option appears on the screen. Also toggle on and off the mute button, you will feel a slight vibration coming out from your iPhone. 
  • Test the Call and Message functionality: Make a call to your friend or a family member to check the feature of speakers and microphone. Also, send some texts to another number. 
  • Test the touchscreen responsiveness: By doing calls and texts, you have already come to know that the screen is working fine. But to make it more clear, open different apps on your iPhone, swipe up and down to check the responsiveness of the screen. 
  • Test the Camera: Camera is one of the critical features in iPhone. Open the camera app, click few pictures and examine the results of the clicked images to measure if the quality of the camera. 
  • Test the Wi-Fi and Data Connectivity: You should also check whether the internet is working on your old iPhone or not. Go to the Settings menu and turn on the Wi-Fi option. Connect your iPhone to any available Wi-Fi connection. After that open your browser and google anything. Do the same process after enabling the data connection on your device. 
After doing the basic function test, here are a few more things you must do before selling your old iPhone.

Backup your iPhone

This is one significant step to do while preparing your iPhone for sale. Backup all of your data. You can back it up using iTunes or iCloud services.

Unpair the Apple Watch

After backing up your data safely, the next step you should do is to unpair your Apple watch. You can do so by going to the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone.

Turn off Find My iPhone feature

Find My iPhone is a great security feature from Apple. And if you are selling your iPhone, you should turn it off. You can do so by following these steps.

Go to Settings app > iCloud > Find My iPhone > turn it off.

Wipe Clean your iPhone

After backing up all of your data, it’s time to erase the existing data from your iPhone. As your data is precious to you, you should completely remove it from your iPhone before selling it. Though, if you are selling your iPhone to mobile phone selling companies, they will erase your data themselves. But to be on the safe side, it is better to wipe it yourself.

To erase everything from your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. After that, also do a factory reset of your iPhone. You can do a factory reset by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Sign out from your Accounts

Remember, the factory reset will not remove your login accounts details such your Apple ID or email account credentials. You have to log yourself out manually.

Remove SIM card

After doing all the steps mentioned above, turn off your iPhone and remove the SIM card from it.

Clean your iPhone

Take a piece of soft cloth and clean your iPhone. A neat and clean iPhone will put a good impact on your personality on the buyer. Clean your iPhone inside out.

Gather the Accessories and Box

One last step while preparing your iPhone for sale is to gather the accessories and the original box. Put all the accessories inside the box including your iPhone. Close the table, and your iPhone is ready to sell.

Where to Sell your iPhone?

Now that you have ready to sell your old iPhone, it is time to find out the best place to sell. There are many options available in this regard. You can sell your device at a retail shop, or you can sell iPhone online. You can also trade-in your old iPhone through various trade-in programs. You can also sell your iPhone by yourself to an individual. And remember that while selling your iPhone, do check the buyer’s reviews and details. If you are getting multiple deals for your old iPhone, go with the best deal.

Tips to Remember

Sell as Soon as Possible: Remember, you will get the most money for your iPhone when you sell it as soon as possible in the right place. Finding the right place should not be a difficult task for you. It’s all up to whether you want to sell your old gadget online or to an individual. The choice is yours.

Do your homework

Before selling your old iPhone, do your proper homework. Never settle for less. If you do your proper homework, you will be able to save yourself from theft or scam.