Individuals can use their savings code by activating a travel savings code that enables them to create an account. This makes is possible to search several hundreds of thousands of resorts and hotels around the globe.

Savings will be displayed with every search result. The results that are displayed first are those with the greatest savings. The next step is to place your reservation along with the amount that will be saved after deductions from the savings balance.

Using a Savings Code

  • You do not have to use a savings code on a single reservation. The program for travel savings is flexible and allows you to use your whole savings balance on one or numerous reservations until the savings balance is empty. 
  • You may apply the amount to each reservation according to the savings that are available through the resorts and hotels you choose as well as the parameters of your search. 
  • You can use the whole amount of your savings towards a reservation as long as the amount of savings for the chosen resort or hotel is equal to what you have in your savings balance. This means that the entire amount can be automatically applied to your reservation. 

Combining Several Codes

Multiple codes can be combined for additional savings. You are at liberty to add several codes to your account to increase savings and create a bigger savings bank. Learn more about the travel savings card here.

Minimum Stay

A minimum stay is not required. You have the option of staying for a minimum of one night or a maximum number of nights that are allowed by the hotel.

Availability of Hotels and Resorts

With hundreds of thousands of hotels available in a savings program, customers can find familiar hotels and brands around the world.

Cancelling or Changing Reservations

While reservations that are booked on the site cannot be modified or changed after booking, they may be cancelled according to the terms and conditions. There are various cancellation policies that depend on the resort or hotel you choose. A cancellation fee may be charged for cancelled reservations.

Family Members and Friends

Savings codes may be given to family members of friends. Non-activated codes are usually fully transferable. After activation, it will not be possible to transfer a savings code and the personal information will remain intact. The individual who activates the savings code should be the person who uses the service or is travelling.

Terms and Conditions

A travel savings card gives you certain amounts of savings off the retail prices of hotels and other products and services associated with travel that are offered. In order for you to be able to use your savings, you must activate the card by entering the code that given on the email sent to you.

Using the savings means that you are agreeing to abide by the specified terms of use. Terms of use policies are posted on the site and may change from time to time, depending on the circumstances. You will also be agreeing to the terms and conditions that are posted for each product that is offered on the site.

When you make a reservation on the site, you will be able to see the reduced retail price that you pay to complete the reservation. Continue using your savings to reduce the cost of reservations until you use up your savings bank or balance.