Tomatoes are colourful, delicious and aromatic! All the aspects make it an essential crop for vegetable gardeners all around the world. Tomatoes produce a high yield even when space is small. The plant might be low on maintenance, but you need to keep in mind a number of factors before deciding on growing tomatoes in your home garden.

Additionally, your tomatoes will need good quality and nutrient laced soil which should be free from any pest infestation. Regular irrigation is a must because without adequate moisture content the plants will wither and die. You have to be careful about over-watering as well since it might lead to root rot disease of the plant. You can go for the GrowBox tomato planter for all your tomato growing requirements.

Let's have a look into what are the factors you need to consider before planting yours on tomatoes!

The local climate

The length of your growing season along with the climate, factors in for the growth of your tomato plants. Tomatoes aren't usually heat resistant and need a cooler climate to grow better. However, there are certain temperature tolerant varieties of tomatoes available. These "heat-set" varieties can tolerate temperatures higher than the traditional varieties. If your local climate has long summers, then you can go for the "heat-set" variety.

Contrastingly, cooler climate tomatoes are perfect when winters are long. These varieties mature quickly and produce in abundance. The growing season is also around two months.

Disease resistance varieties

Another important aspect to consider before growing any plant in your garden is the disease resistance of the plant strain. Since the water content of tomatoes is high, they are susceptible to a number of diseases and pest infestations. In temperate areas, at the onset of the summer months, tomato plants are affected by "late blight disease." This plant disease is brought on by a fungus (Phytophthora infestans), and it can damage your whole produce within a week. The fungal spores can be carried over miles by the wind. So a general rule of thumb for any tomato planter is to grow the plants under cover or select one of the many disease-resistant varieties available in the market.

Type of tomato

The varieties of tomatoes are numerous, and you have the option of choosing depending on the type you want to grow. The kids adore cherry tomatoes with their sweet taste and small size. The standard round variety is ideal for making pastes and preparing delicious dishes. There are beefsteak varieties, heart-shaped oxheart varieties and hollow cavity tomatoes for various salads and decorative food items as well.

Growing habit

Tomatoes are either "determinate" which means they will grow up to a pre-determined height or the "indeterminate" variety where the main stem keeps growing, and you have the option of cutting and re-potting the extra stem length for a new plant. Determinate tomatoes grow well in containers and mature within few weeks making them ideal for the home garden.

Indeterminate tomatoes, however, are "vining" tomatoes which produce fruits along the length of the stem. The production although gets staggered during the summer months but they allow for steady growth and production of tomatoes. These often require bamboo support because of their extra height.

There are plenty of options to choose from and decisions to make for growing tomatoes in your vegetable patch. Research well and seeking guidance from a professional gardener is always a great idea. Start today!


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