According to The Top Tens list of most recognizable flags, the American flag takes second place as one of the most distinctive symbols of patriotism and national pride. You might have seen your friends or relatives with residential flags erected in their home compounds. It’s no secret that Americans love their national flag. It is an amazing sign of unity that brings all Americans together regardless of your gender, age or background. You can get in touch with Atlantic Flag & Pole to purchase the best flags for flag poles. Here are some astounding facts about the American flag:

It was designed by a teenager

In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was meant to pick out a design for the American national flag. He received over 1500 entries and eventually the chosen design was submitted by a teenager. Robert G. Heft was the 17-year old high school student from Lancaster, Ohio who came up with the winning design for the American flag.

The colors have meanings

Everyone knows that the American flag has red, white and blue, but did you know that each color has a special symbolism attached to it? White represents purity and innocence, blue represents perseverance, vigilance and justice while red symbolizes valor and hardiness.

There are flag etiquette rules

The American flag is a revered symbol that is highly respected. For this reason, there are some general rules that should be followed when handling the flag. First of all, it should be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset. Secondly, if a flag is damaged, it should be disposed of in an honourable manner through burning. At times, the flag could be flown at half-mast to symbolize a period of mourning.

There are more than 5 American Flags on the surface of the moon

Have you ever admired the beauty and radiance of a full moon on a cloudless sky? Well, did you know that in July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong planted the first American flag on the surface of the moon? During subsequent moon landings, more American flags were placed. Currently, more than 5 American flags are planted on the surface of the moon.

There is a national flag day

As one of the most important national symbols, it’s no surprise that there is a National Flag Day. This special day is celebrated each year on June 14th.

Stars and stripes

The characteristic stars and stripes adorn the awesome confederate flag which bears special meanings. The first official version of the flag bore 13 stripes and 13 stars to symbolize the original 13 colonies. Initially, it was planned to add an extra star and stripe for each new colony however lawmakers anticipated that the stripes might become overcrowded. Thus, it was agreed in 1818 to maintain a constant number of 13 stripes while the number of stars was increased each time a new colony was added. The current flag still has 13 stripes and 50 stars.