A garage door is an indispensable fixture in your yard and is used daily. Therefore, it is vital to do routine repairs and maintenance to extend the life expectancy of your garage door for an extended period.

Some garage door problems are easily repaired but in case of the door being irreparable, it must be replaced.

Gravely broken panels

Whether caused as a result of general wear and tear, someone driving into it or extreme weather storms, in most cases the panels were vandalized beyond repair. Broken, hanging or bent panels can pose severe safety hazards to your and other members of the family.
  • Possible risks of damaged garage door panels:
  • Falling and crushing your property or a person.
  • Posing an increased risk of break-ins.
  • Putting an additional strain on the rest of the garage door system.
  • It is advisable to start obtaining quotes for a complete replacement as soon as possible.

Cables that snapped

When you notice cables that has the appearance of significant wear and tear, then it is recommended to contact a local professional that specialises in repairing or replacing Perth garage doors to do a house visit to advise you on whether they need replacing, as a disengaging cable can cause serious injury to an unsuspecting passer-by.

Damaged torsion springs

Torsion springs are an essential mechanism in the garage door system, and they can be extremely dangerous when malfunctioning. They pose a significant safety threat to household members when they are not in full working condition and due to their unforeseeable and perilous nature, they are not easily repairable. It is highly unrecommended that you attempt to repair or replace the torsion springs by yourself. Instead, contact a garage door specialist to handle the issue.

Bent or damaged tracks

In some cases, the tracks won’t need to be replaced, but in other cases, it is frequently unrepairable. The longevity of garage doors is reliant on the seamless and uncomplicated operation of the system’s inter-workings, it is always advisable to do a full replacement of damaged, bent or badly rusted tracks as opposed to doing repairs. Faulty tracks can put extra strain on the rest of the garage door system and result in additional expensive repair jobs at a later stage.

Burnt-out motor

When you suspect that your motor burnet out, it will be advantageous to contact a professional to assess whether you require replacement of the motor, as there can be a possibility of a faulty connection or wiring rather than the motor itself.


Whenever you’re experiencing problems with a non-operational or malfunctioning garage door system, it is advisable to get it checked out and do the repairs as quickly as possible. Your best option is to contact a garage door company who specialises in garage door repairs to do an assessment and to quote you accordingly. They have qualified technicians that can diagnose the problem efficiently and provide you with guidance towards getting the system up and running smoothly again.