Even though losing weight can seem like a mission impossible, the truth is that it can definitely be done if you’re willing enough to embrace healthy habits and improve the overall quality of your life. If that’s the case with you, be sure to keep on reading and learn about the four health benefits of weight loss you should know about. Check them out and start your journey right now! Reviews on resurge says that weight loss can be truly beneficial on so many levels, which is exactly why you should take your journey seriously.

It can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease

In case you weren’t aware of that fact, losing as little as five to ten pounds can do wonders for overweight people by lowering their blood pressure in the first place. The explanation is quite simple: when you have extra weight, your body has to work much harder to pump blood, which can result in damaging blood vessels and hardening the arteries. Besides that, obesity also increases your blood volume and your body’s demand for oxygen, forcing your heart to go the extra mile. Apart from lowering your blood pressure, losing weight can also improve your overall heart health as it decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Besides that, it reduces inflammation caused by excess body fat around the abdomen, too. These are the benefits that shouldn’t be neglected!

It can help you build stronger bones and joints

Did you know that being overweight/obese puts your bones and joints under a lot of pressure? That’s the only truth, and a lot of weight on a joint means that it’s more likely to get damaged quickly. For example, for every pound of excess weight, four additional pounds of pressure is exerted on your knees. This basically means that 20 pounds of excess weight, in fact, add 80 pounds of stress on your knees! This is a quite shocking fact that mustn’t be overlooked under any circumstances, so make sure to understand that losing weight will reduce the amount of pressure on your joints and lower the risk of arthritis development at the same time. Physical activity is essential in the process of losing weight; however, pick low-impact activities that won’t harm your joints even more. So, instead of running and jogging, you should probably go swimming or riding a bike. Trust us when we say that the results will be fantastic!

It can allow you to sleep better

Being overweight or obese is closely intertwined with sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition that can make you stop breathing during sleep. Simply put, when extra tissue is accumulated around the upper airway, it can change its shape and make the throat collapse during sleep. This condition affects millions of people across the world, and losing weight is one of the most effective ways to get it under control. Apart from embracing healthy lifestyle habits like exercising and eating well-balanced meals, there is also an option that includes weight-loss surgical procedures which are performed in more severe cases. Gastric sleeve is one of them, and it permanently reduces the size of your stomach by two thirds. As for the cost of gastric sleeve, we must say that weight-loss surgery isn’t cheap, but you know what? Money doesn’t matter as much as your health and overall well-being, so be wise and invest it in your future!

It can reduce your risk of breast cancer

Apart from improving your heart health, building stronger bones and joints, and helping you sleep better, losing weight is also said to reduce your risk of certain types of breast cancer, which was confirmed in a research conducted in 2012. It showed that even a moderate amount of weight loss can significantly reduce levels of circulating estrogen, a sex hormone associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. More than 400 overweight and obese women were divided into four different groups: dieting only, exercising only, both exercising and dieting, and those who didn’t make any lifestyle changes at all. The lowest estrogen levels were discovered in women who both started to exercise and changed their diet, which just proves that it’s never too late to make important lifestyle changes and improve your health!
As you can see, weight loss can be truly beneficial on so many levels, which is exactly why you should take your journey seriously. Shedding those extra pounds will improve your heart health, strengthen your bones and joints, help you sleep better, and even reduce the risk of breast cancer, which are the fantastic benefits you shouldn’t neglect. Just put your health first and you’ll do a great job!