Live with Passion

When you die, how do you want to be remembered? Will people only mention your birth and death dates, and that’s it? Or will people have much to say about how you lived your life and how well you related to them? Everybody wants to live phenomenally and passionately, but most people do it all wrong. Below are the top 3 ways you can live your life with passion:

Focus on the Positives

Living passionately is about having a positive mindset despite the adverse environment surrounding us. Many people will have many negative things to say, and it is easy to get carried away with all the negativity. The mainstream media will also spread negativity, so you need to change your focus to the positives. Having a positive mindset does not necessarily mean that you should ignore what is going on around you. Still, it does mean that you should perceive the world as a beautiful place, strive to excel, and be passionate about it (without letting anything or anybody tell you otherwise). 

Avoid People who Pull You Down.

The people you surround yourself with will significantly impact how you live your life. Having negative people in your life will only make you lag behind, as they will just want to drag you down with them. Some people don’t want you to live up to your maximum potential because they are losers and won’t want to see you do well. If they can’t live a passionate and excellent life, they will not want you to have it. This is also called the crab mentality. If you surround yourself with the right crowd that wants to see you succeed, it will be easy for you to live with passion and to the fullest.

Develop a Growth Mindset

A high percentage of people worldwide believe that they can only succeed in life if they use their talents. These people have a fixed mindset, also known as the limited mindset, and they hardly live with a passion because their mindset is locked to a particular belief. On the other hand, a percentage of people have a growth mindset. These people believe that their quality of life and success is dictated by the hard work and determination they put into their work. Developing a growth mindset will help you live a life of fulfillment and accomplishment and help you find your happy place.


To live with passion, you must learn to love yourself first. Doing this will allow you to redirect your life to the right path and find your purpose. Re-channel your thoughts, be careful with whom you call your friends, and learn to be kind to yourself and others. You can and will stand out to others who lived a powerful life.